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#1 Board Portal Solution for Secure Content Sharing With Board Members and Executives

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Secure Content Sharing

Private sharing with expiration dates. View only sharing. Restrict document downloads. Built-in Document Preview: Preview documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF) directly in the browser or from mobile apps.

Data Leak Prevention

FileCloud offers powerful DLP (content classification engine to identify sensitive content, device management, remote wipe/block) capabilities. In case of a breach, Admins could remotely wipe FileCloud data in a Laptop, Smartphones and Tablets.

Remote Access

Allows board members and executives to access, share, sync company files and documents from anywhere and any device. Optimized for smart phones and tablets. Automatic unlimited versioning of documents.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for Second Consecutive Time. 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

FileCloud - Cost-Effective, Secure Board Portal Solution

Board members are a group of individuals elected to represent shareholders. A board’s mandate is to establish policies for corporate oversight, making decisions on major company issues. Board Portals are used in scenarios where board members review financial information and make important business decisions. For board portals strong content security is important. Segregation of data from the rest of the systems is important for maximum security. Board members and top executives should be able to access the content securely from tablets and mobile phones before, during and after the meeting.

FileCloud provides exactly that can be integrated with enterprise data repositories, file servers or cloud storage systems like AWS S3.FileCloud can be deployed on infrastructure of your choice: On-premise, public cloud and also available as SaaS service.

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Secure Content Sharing

Share financial/accounting documents securely with board members and executives. View only and time limited shares. Restrict downloads. Granular folder and sub folder level permissions for powerful access control.

Remote Access

Access company documents from anywhere and any device. No VPN required. Board members can can easily access the documents before and during the meeting.

Integrate with Existing File Servers

FileCloud can be integrated with existing file servers and repositories to act as gateway for company data. Easily share company information with board members and executives. Don’t need to move the files and documents to insecure cloud file sharing offerings like Dropbox for sharing documents.

Optimized for Tablets and Smartphones

Our 5 star rated mobile apps are optimized for viewing documents in smart phones and tablets.Impress your board members and take the board meeting collaboration to next level

Unlimited File Versioning

Automatic unlimited versioning of files with rollback support. You can rollback the file to any previous versions with a click of button.

File Comments & Locking

Offers file locking support to lock files and folders from modification. Board members and executives can review documents together, add comments and send notifications.

Data Leak Prevention

Offers advanced data leak prevention capabilities such as content classification engine to identify sensitive content, Remote wipe/block of endpoint devices. Unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage across all your devices


Using FileCloud Board Portal can be deployed in an environment which is separate from the rest of the content repositories for maximum security. FileCloud can be deployed on private, public and hybrid clouds. It is also available as SaaS.

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FileCloud Supports the Following Board Portal Requirements

  • Board members can access financial documents from smart phones and tablets during board meetings
  • After the meeting, FileCloud can remote wipe/block the device to remove confidential content
  • Board members can review, edit the documents
  • Share confidential documents with board members before the meeting with proper access permissions and audit trail
  • Strong DLP protection of endpoint devices to make sure confidential documents are not leaked

FileCloud has allowed the IT department to offer a solution to our executive team and board members for accessing confidential bank data outside our network using mobile devices - Sean Rich, Vice President & Senior Network Engineer

Who can use FileCloud Board Portal Solution?

FileCloud is an ideal board portal solution for any organizations that conduct board meeting periodically to share important company documents with board members and top level executives. FileCloud offers high security content sharing, delightful mobile apps and can be integrated with your existing file servers or public cloud storage systems like S3 and Azure Blob. Here are the organizations that can benefit from specialized board portal solution. FileCloud helps in board governance and improves communication between company executives and the board members

  • Publicly listed companies are required to have a board of directors. Most companies may hold between four to six meetings per year or more.
  • Large financial institutions need to have high board oversight. In recent times, boards of directors of financial institutions have been directed to improve oversight and corporate governance by government.
  • Public governing bodies and school districts.

  • Non-profit organizations.


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