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#1 Cloud File Sharing for Business

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A good Cloud file sharing solution makes it easy to share important files within or outside your organization. Every document and file sent is fully encrypted and tracked with complete oversight.

With FileCloud, you get complete data ownership and control. You can Self-host your data on-premise or on any cloud without worrying about security. Your business data is valuable, but must be available readily for teams to collaborate. This makes the data vulnerable if not under high level security. FileCloud acts as a fully secure data drive and file sharing solution offering continuous file backup to prevent data loss while providing simple to use advanced file sharing and mobile access.

Cloud storage requirements may differ for every organization in different countries (different data privacy laws/jurisdictions). FileCloud provides a robust platform but also a flexible solution that can fit your organization cloud storage/file sharing workflows perfectly. Businesses can customize screens, use own logo and run FileCloud on own custom domain.

FileCloud server (Self-Host/ On-Premise) is just $4.20/user/month and FileCloud Online (Hosted by us) is charged at $10/user/month. This means you save a lot of money with FileCloud without compromising on any feature or security. FileCloud offers high security, ease of use and much more but with much higher ROI (return on investment) compared to other cloud file sharing companies. We also offer unlimited free client accounts which in turn increases your ROI substantially.

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Flexible Access to Files

Employees or clients need to have easy access to files using any device on the go to increase productivity. With end point backup, real time sync and more, businesses can share files and work from anywhere without any dependency.

Folder level Permissions

Folder access in FileCloud are controlled using granular access permissions (read/write/delete). This ensures that every user sees only the folders intended for him/her and securely access only those folders from anywhere.

Unlimited File Versioning

File versions are automatically created as anyone makes changes to the files, and files are locked automatically while someone is making changes to prevent multiple users from making changes at the same time.

Fast sync and share

Sharing files securely with employees or clients can be hard sometimes. Using emails for the same is outdated; large files may not upload, locating files may be difficult. FileCloud provides easy folder access and fast uploads to ease your work.

Powerful Admin features

FileCloud offers a powerful admin system for Cloud file sharing. Admin can control file/folder access and assign permissions, control user groups, apply restrictions when needed. Allows remote wipe if an employee leaves and much more.


FileCloud provides a rich set of reports to monitor the usage of the account. Reports provide information from storage utilization, access audits and full usage history on the cloud server (who uploaded, deleted files and folders or downloaded files).

Security & Privacy

Provides all the tools and modern encryption (AES 256-bit) methods and industry standards to transfer (SSL/TLS secure tunnel) and store your data securely. Supports two factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, ransomware detection, data leak prevention and easy-to-configure security policies.

Integration with Office and Outlook

Using FileCloud Office add-ons, you can open/edit/save files to FileCloud directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint or from your browser. With FileCloud’s Outlook add-on, you can automatically upload attachments to FileCloud and share them as a link in emails.

Branding & Customization

FileCloud provides all the required capabilities to customize the interface, allowing businesses to reinforce their corporate identity. You can customize everything from the logo, to colors, to custom screens and using your own domain.

Advanced Features

FileCloud also offers man advanced features for large-scale deployments like multi-tenancy, branch office replication, high-availability, automated server backup. FileCloud also offers workflow automation, APIs and third party integration to enable complex custom requirements.


With FileCloud you also get centralized device management, federated search, text search, policy management, role-based access, meta data management system, virtual drive, unlimited storage, endpoint backup and much more.

Embedded File Upload Form

A file upload form can be integrated with your website to upload/share files without user name or password. This is a simple “File Drop box” allowing your customers/ clients/ vendors to send files to you quickly and easily.

OpenStack/Amazon S3 Support

Enterprises can use FileCloud to set up OpenStack or Amazon S3 storage without a hassle. Now, enterprises can switch storage with astounding flexibility.

Data Loss Prevention

FileCloud monitors, prevent, and fix data leakage assuring important corporate data is protected across all your devices (Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets).

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