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  • Mobile and Desktop Apps - Sync, Drive, Add-ons for Office & Outlook
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FileCloud enables secure access and sharing of corporate data from any device

Offers the Best Value Among Corporate File Sharing Solutions

Corporate File Sharing Features


Runs inside your own infrastructure, so you control your data 100%. Install on your server, any way you want it.

Network Shares and NTFS Permissions

Instantly make existing network folder shares accessible from anywhere using existing NTFS permissions and Active Directory users.

Advanced Sharing

Public, Private and Temporary file Shares. Granular file download controls and much more.


Synchronize content across computers, smart phones and tablets. Roll out your own Dropbox or like solution.

Designed for Mobile

Ready for Tablets and Smartphones. Offers anywhere access from iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows 8.

File Sharing for Corporate

Allows users to access, share, sync company files and documents from anywhere and any device.


Allows you to access all the files that you have in your FileCloud server like you would access local files in Windows.

Groups and Permissions

Allows aggregation of users as groups and admin can assign file/folder/share permissions to groups.

Active Directory Support

Seamless integration with Enterprise LDAP as well as Microsoft Active Directory support. Merge user accounts from existing systems.

Data Privacy and Security

Complete control of your data and valuable intellectual property.

Corporate File Sharing Topics From Our Blog

FileCloud 8.0, A Self-Hosted Corporate File Sharing Solution, Available Today

This latest major release of the industry’s most advanced, file sharing and sync solution is available for immediate download from the FileCloud customer portal. FileCloud 8.0 delivers activity streams, file commenting support, quick document editing from web browser, and mobile security policy support to security conscious corporations and IT managed service providers (MSP).

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Secure Corporate File Sharing for Media Production Companies – Customer Case Study

With offices in Brussels, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Prague, the Caviar Group provides top quality content to the entertainment industry. Comedic or dramatic but always captivating, Caviar is constantly sharing data between locations on different continents. The group has around 100 full-time employees and works with hundreds of other top-notch freelancers.

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10 Reasons why Tonido FileCloud is better than Box for Corporate File Sharing

Here are our top 10 reasons why FileCloud is better than Box for Corporate File Sharing: 1) Deployment Flexibility: FileCloud is a self-hosted file share and sync software solution that can be deployed on-premise or on public cloud where as Box only provides a public cloud option.

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Alternative to Microsoft OneDrive – Why FileCloud is better for Corporate File Sharing?

FileCloud competes with Microsoft OneDrive for business in the Corporate File Sync and Share space. Before we get into the details, I believe an ideal EFSS system should work across all the popular desktop OSes (Windows, Mac and Linux) and offer native mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. In addition, the system should offer all the basics expected out of EFSS: Unlimited File Versioning, Remote Wipe, Audit Logs, Desktop Sync Client, Desktop Map Drive and User Management.

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The Corporate File Sharing Solution Essentials – Checklist

Cloud computing is the revolutionary technology that is changing the way we do business; it is now an important and powerful tool for sharing and accessing business files. Businesses have always relied on IT to advance in this competitive economy and as of now. Everyone is trying get ahead of their competitors with closer connections to customers, more access to big data-driven insights and greater innovation.

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10 Reasons Why Educational Institutions Should Use Self Hosted Corporate File Sharing Systems

The recent techno-revolution was triggered by the cloud’s tremendous benefits, top of which include cost efficiency, pooled resources, remote access and scalability. With recent statistical reports indicating that 60% of organizations have already adopted this technology, it may seem like the exponential growth phase is over. Subsequent statistical reports however, have indicated that the growth will possibly double or triple in the next few years as more organizations realize its benefits.

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