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FileCloud Customer Case Studies

  • “For companies and institutions looking for scientific and management expertise in cell-based product development, Cognate BioServices is a reference in the industry.” Read the Case Study »

    Cognate BioServices
  • “New Braunfels Utilities is a community-owned public power company in Texas. As a non-profit company with thousands of customers, NBU has the same business requirements as any other large commercial company: efficiently and securely store and share internal data.” Read the Case Study »

    Texas Utility Company
  • “Thomson Reuters is a multinational mass media and information company based in Toronto, Canada. They are one of the world’s most trusted providers of information and solutions that help clients to run better businesses by making confident decisions.” Read the Case Study »

    Mass Media Company Thomson Reuters
  • “Global leaders in technology and software encounter unique data challenges when facing mergers and acquisitions.” Read the Case Study »

    Global M&A Leader Volaris
  • “Enterprises in China, Singapore, and other regions of Asia want to move to smarter, higher performing digital business, just like their counterparts elsewhere in the world.” Read the Case Study »

    ONE Pacific
  • “Information needs to be shared to get things done, but not at the cost of security Achieving both of these goals simultaneously is a key characteristic of effective government that IT, and file sharing specifically, must support.” Read the Case Study »

    US Government Department Of Defense
  • “The Portuguese Mint also has the delicate job of balancing ease of internal and external communications with security and accountability.” Read the Case Study »

    INCM (The Portuguese Mint)
  • “While data security is always a concern, so is ease of access for authorized parties. Hiccups in processes for projects, regulations, and funding can play havoc with schedules, customer satisfaction, and ultimately profitability.” Read the Case Study »

    Largest US Home Builder
  • “The City of San Diego needed a solution that would streamline backups, enable secure file sharing/transfer (internally and with external stakeholders) and allow users to safeguard their files.” Read the Case Study »

    The City of San Diego
  • “We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly.” Read the Case Study »

    Dominik Siegert IT Manager
  • “FileCloud is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution.” Read the Case Study »

    Filip Herman IT Manager
  • “FileCloud is an easy to use solution and met all our data residency requirements.” Read the Case Study »

    Fabian Baijnauth Network Analyst
  • “We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support” Read the Case Study »

    Jimmy Ivey Senior System Engineer
  • “Easy integration of FileCloud with our existing network drive structure was superb” Read the Case Study »

    Steve Quinn IT Manager
  • “We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team” Read the Case Study »

    University of South Carolina
  • “FileCloud integrated easily with the existing environment, and it is easy to setup and manage.” Read the Case Study »

    Jin Chong IT Manager
  • “SFS field staff can easily access files on the company’s central data store, via laptops, tablets and mobile phones.” Read the Case Study »

    Frank Langenegger Infrastructure Engineer
  • “FileCloud really shined for us by providing any where access to our files.” Read the Case Study »

    George Rose IT Manager
  • “SFS field staff can easily access files on the company’s central data store, via laptops, tablets and mobile phones.” Read the Case Study »

    Antonio Moreno IT Manager
  • “Tonido FileCloud provides anytime and anywhere online access to our files and more importantly, the data resides on premise, which made us pick FileCloud.” Read the Case Study »

    Marvin Lee IT Manager
  • “We picked FileCloud based on features, cost, the excellent support we received.” Read the Case Study »

    Eric Syndic Information Technology Manager
  • “FileCloud has been a big hit with our users and we hope to continue to use it for other solutions in the future.” Read the Case Study »

    Sean Rich Vice President & Senior Network Engineer
  • “With FileCloud we’re able to securely access our internal network shares from anywhere, while maintaining current NTFS permissions”

    Read the Case Study »
    Jeremy Jones Application Delivery Engineer
  • “The key features of our ideal product were local storage, security, and ease of use. FileCloud addressed everything we really needed and also replaced our need for a third-party backup solution like Carbonite to save even more money”

    Read the Case Study »
    Don Boutwell Junior Systems Administrator
  • “We chose FileCloud for its ease of installation and use, as well as the generous price point and helpful support.” Read the Case Study »

    Call Design
  • “We chose FileCloud because of its seamless integration into our network drives and internal file servers.” Read the Case Study »

    Chris IT Coordinator
  • “FileCloud is an ideal solution for us. We are able to use existing shares and easily access everything on go.” Read the Case Study »

    Rauf Ismayilov IT Manager
  • “We chose FileCloud because of its On-Premise storage; At a price point a SMB could afford; Excellent and Friendly Support.” Read the Case Study »

    Eddie System Engineer
  • “Tonido FileCloud gave us terrific support and even discussed future code changes while we were only using the trial license” Read the Case Study »

    Jason Network Administrator
  • “FileCloud provides right functionality at right price.” Read the Case Study »

    Trey Tucker Telecom Administrator
  • “India’s First Paperless Cabinet Meeting made possible by FileCloud” Read the Case Study »

    AP IT Office
  • “we now have secure access to our files, from internet enabled devices, anywhere in the world.” Read the Case Study »

    Edo Regional IT Manager
  • “We chose FileCloud because of its ease of setup, price and we can use our own IT infrastructure.” Read the Case Study »

    Chris Lead IS Engineer
  • “FileCloud truly hit the mark! Looking at FileCloud’s future road map, leaves me excited!” Read the Case Study »

    Scheck Industries
  • “FileCloud is lean and smart File sharing software” Read the Case Study »

    Andreas Wolske GmbH
  • “FileCloud makes it easy to access and share large files among employees.” Read the Case Study »

    Philippe Daoust Director of Information
  • “FileCloud had all the features we needed and was easier to setup and maintain.” Read the Case Study »

    Sam Clyde IT Manager
  • “The most important feature we have found in FileCloud is its people.” Read the Case Study »

    Norma Crosby IT Manager
  • “On-premise storage, and cost were probably the biggest factors to choose FileCloud” Read the Case Study »

    John Plahitko IT Manager
  • “FileCloud fits our needs perfectly.” Read the Case Study »

    Donahoe IT Manager
  • “Our primary goal was to share while keeping the data onsite,” Read the Case Study »

    Oleg Zhovnir MPFI
  • “Filecloud allowed us to host our own secure private cloud.” Read the Case Study »

    Chris Gibson IT Manager
  • “FileCloud’s functionality, ease of use, affordability, and world-class support makes it the best solution for file sharing.” Read the Case Study »

    Donald Austin Executive Director


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