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Trusted by 1000s of Organizations:

Trusted by 1000s of Organizations:

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FileCloud Customer Case Studies

  • “We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly.” Read the Case Study »

    Dominik Siegert IT Manager
  • “FileCloud is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution.” Read the Case Study »

    Filip Herman IT Manager
  • “FileCloud is an easy to use solution and met all our data residency requirements.” Read the Case Study »

    Fabian Baijnauth Network Analyst
  • “We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support” Read the Case Study »

    Jimmy Ivey Senior System Engineer
  • “Easy integration of FileCloud with our existing network drive structure was superb” Read the Case Study »

    Steve Quinn IT Manager
  • “We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team” Read the Case Study »

    University of South Carolina
  • “FileCloud integrated easily with the existing environment, and it is easy to setup and manage.” Read the Case Study »

    Jin Chong IT Manager
  • “SFS field staff can easily access files on the company’s central data store, via laptops, tablets and mobile phones.” Read the Case Study »

    Frank Langenegger Infrastructure Engineer
  • “FileCloud really shined for us by providing any where access to our files.” Read the Case Study »

    George Rose IT Manager
  • “SFS field staff can easily access files on the company’s central data store, via laptops, tablets and mobile phones.” Read the Case Study »

    Antonio Moreno IT Manager
  • “Tonido FileCloud provides anytime and anywhere online access to our files and more importantly, the data resides on premise, which made us pick FileCloud.” Read the Case Study »

    Marvin Lee IT Manager
  • “We picked FileCloud based on features, cost, the excellent support we received.” Read the Case Study »

    Eric Syndic Information Technology Manager
  • “FileCloud has been a big hit with our users and we hope to continue to use it for other solutions in the future.” Read the Case Study »

    Sean Rich Vice President & Senior Network Engineer
  • “With FileCloud we’re able to securely access our internal network shares from anywhere, while maintaining current NTFS permissions” Read the Case Study »

    Jeremy Jones Application Delivery Engineer
  • “The key features of our ideal product were local storage, security, and ease of use. FileCloud addressed everything we really needed and also replaced our need for a third-party backup solution like Carbonite to save even more money” Read the Case Study »

    Don Boutwell Junior Systems Administrator
  • “We chose FileCloud for its ease of installation and use, as well as the generous price point and helpful support.” Read the Case Study »

    Call Design
  • “We chose FileCloud because of its seamless integration into our network drives and internal file servers.” Read the Case Study »

    Chris IT Coordinator
  • “FileCloud is an ideal solution for us. We are able to use existing shares and easily access everything on go.” Read the Case Study »

    Rauf Ismayilov IT Manager
  • “We chose FileCloud because of its On-Premise storage; At a price point a SMB could afford; Excellent and Friendly Support.” Read the Case Study »

    Eddie System Engineer
  • “Tonido FileCloud gave us terrific support and even discussed future code changes while we were only using the trial license” Read the Case Study »

    Jason Network Administrator
  • “FileCloud provides right functionality at right price.” Read the Case Study »

    Trey Tucker Telecom Administrator
  • “India’s First Paperless Cabinet Meeting made possible by FileCloud” Read the Case Study »

    AP IT Office
  • “we now have secure access to our files, from internet enabled devices, anywhere in the world.” Read the Case Study »

    Edo Regional IT Manager
  • “We chose FileCloud because of its ease of setup, price and we can use our own IT infrastructure.” Read the Case Study »

    Chris Lead IS Engineer
  • “FileCloud truly hit the mark! Looking at FileCloud’s future road map, leaves me excited!” Read the Case Study »

    Scheck Industries
  • “FileCloud is lean and smart File sharing software” Read the Case Study »

    Andreas Wolske GmbH
  • “FileCloud makes it easy to access and share large files among employees.” Read the Case Study »

    Philippe Daoust Director of Information
  • “FileCloud had all the features we needed and was easier to setup and maintain.” Read the Case Study »

    Sam Clyde IT Manager
  • “The most important feature we have found in FileCloud is its people.” Read the Case Study »

    Norma Crosby IT Manager
  • “On-premise storage, and cost were probably the biggest factors to choose FileCloud” Read the Case Study »

    John Plahitko IT Manager
  • “FileCloud fits our needs perfectly.” Read the Case Study »

    Donahoe IT Manager
  • “Our primary goal was to share while keeping the data onsite,” Read the Case Study »

    Oleg Zhovnir MPFI
  • “Filecloud allowed us to host our own secure private cloud.” Read the Case Study »

    Chris Gibson IT Manager