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Customer Success Stories

“FileCloud truly hit the mark! Looking at FileCloud’s future road map, leaves me excited!”

– Scheck Industries


Scheck Industries, and its group of companies, is a national turnkey industrial contractor, with core construction expertise in the Refinery, Power, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Semiconductor, Renewable Energy, Food and Beverage, and the Pharmaceutical Industries. Scheck Industries provides the following services: Power and Process Piping, Boiler, Instrumentation, Pipe and Modular Fabrication, Facility Maintenance, Commercial HVAC, and Construction Management. The problems that they were trying to solve included on premise storage of their data, security to their environment, and low cost customizable solution.

Key Requirements:
  • Secure remote access
  • Mobile access to their network files
  • Sync our “dropbox” files across multiple platforms
  • Customizations
  • Cost effective


They had tested Dropbox, and SugarSync. Dropbox worked well but was very cost high, wasn’t on premise, and was not customizable in the options that they were looking to implement. SugarSync was not cost prohibitive, but its sync software was not hitting the mark in reliability and didn’t handle Microsoft Access Database very well. It also did not allow for changes to specific folders. Moreover, they did not want an additional piece of hardware in their environment hence chose just the fileCloud solution.


They began a short trial of an earlier version of FileCloud, but other initiatives took precedence so the project was postponed for a few months. When they began looking at FileCloud again, new versions of FileCloud had come out and additional features were implemented. FileCloud’s feature set of utilizing Active Directory as a means of authentication, on premise installation and cost effectiveness, truly hit the mark in terms of features they wanted to implement. They are excited looking at FileCloud’s road map which includes some additional features such as server side encryption.


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