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We host FileCloud for you on compliant (HIPAA/ITAR/GDPR) infrastructure. No setup needed.
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File Sharing Server

Fast, Secure & Affordable File Share Server

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FileCloud Cloud File Server

Local File Server

Do you enjoy Windows File sharing Server? Do you also use Cloud file servers like Dropbox or Box? FileCloud offers you the best of both worlds. FileCloud server for file sharing enables Cloud sharing with same ease of use and productivity while you can continue to use existing Active Directory and NTFS setup to manage user authentication, privileges and access on your Windows network.

Security and Mobility

Business processes need ways to access local file server/ file server application on the go from mobile devices and remote locations for better collaboration. This means use of non-secure file sharing applications which makes security and control a large concern for any business. FileCloud takes care of security and mobility with top security features, data loss prevention and easy access to File Sharing Server.

Best File Sharing Server

FileCloud has a hybrid approach that works great on cloud, syncs seamlessly and fast between the cloud file server and  on-premise. This helps businesses to scale and meet the needs of employees, clients and partners within offices of any size. Enjoy file folder access on Windows, Mac or Linux, network folder offline access, document quick edit, selective sync and MS office/ Outlook integration.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the third consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

FileCloud Server File Sharing - Features, benefits and ROI

Features of FileCloud File Sharing Server

  • Seamless sync, backup and file sharing across any device, windows, Linux, Mac or Cloud
  • Remote access to files using web browser, mobile apps, or any other device
  • Central Administration for user permissions and complete visibility & control
  • Powerful audit reports for monitoring file usage
  • Advanced security with AES 256-bit encryption, SSL/TLS secure tunnel for files transmission
  • Site specific, customer managed encryption keys in a multi-tenant setup
  • Enhanced productivity through integrations with Active Directory, MS Office, Outlook and more
  • Custom branding options – Custom logo, login screen, colors and own domain

Look at FileCloud features for more details.

Cost Reduction, Higher ROI

Any small or large business can save money and overheads by using FileCloud instead of existing file servers or traditional file servers for local file sharing or sharing across the globe. FileCloud File sharing server doesn’t compromise the benefits of file server such as fast LAN access and sub folder level security. FileCloud can also utilize your existing file server infrastructure to help you save money and time. FileCloud also offers you free unlimited Client/ partner accounts so that you only pay for employees and give free account access to clients and partners. Compare prices with other file sharing solutions.

Local Cloud Provides Offline Access

FileCloud’s technology allows fast access to files, even if the Internet is unavailable. Teams can access large files from anywhere to execute daily tasks. Files can be accessed using multiple ways like web, desktop sync, FileCloud drive, mobile apps and WebDAV.

Powerful Online File Sharing

FileCloud provides powerful file sharing to enable team collaboration. FileCloud’s cloud file sharing server sets up a unified method for sharing files. Users with admin rights can easily set sub-folders level permissions and grant access to teams or individual people. Folder access is controlled using granular permissions (read only, read/write, read/write/delete). This access can be easily granted to employees across offices, partners and clients, using a central yet single collaboration platform.

More features for collaboration

  • File Locking – Files can be locked for editing to prevent two users from making changes at same time.
  • File Versions – File versions are created automatically while making changes, enabling a complete audit trail of file changes.
  • Email Notifications – An automated notification system for information about file changes.

Sending files and folders as an e-mail attachment is a thing of the past now. With real time sync, backup, you can quickly add files to folders for any user, with a single link from any device.

Integration With Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office

FileCloud file sharing server Windows integrates with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or LDAP to synchronize user accounts and groups, saving time in creating and managing users. FileCloud users can improve organizational workflows using integration with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and many more 3rd party software.

Custom Branding

While sharing files with clients, partners or internally, many enterprises want to reinforce their corporate identity to keep their brand name in the front. FileCloud provides many options for custom branding. Upload your corporate logo, change colors and customize the look and feel of the interface. Moreover you can run FileCloud under your own business domain.

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Secure File Transfer

Create a secure link to send files or folders to any user. You can even edit files or upload new versions without having to change the original link.

Control File access

Always know when your files have been accessed or downloaded. You can also control whether users can print, transfer, or download your files.

Preview Files without Downloading

When you send large files with secure share network, they can be immediately previewed on any device. This requires neither the registration nor the download of additional software.

Save Everything Centrally

Set up folders and share them immediately. Control each user’s accessibility with seven different permissions, including View or Upload Only.

Work in encrypted team folders

FileCloud secure share helps you share business files and folders with your team and choose who can check, add, alter, or see the information.

Secure Share with clients & partners

Use download links to share business files and folders outside your company. Stay in control with password protection and download limits.

Manage user rights & changes

Manage team folders with different user rights, track changes in files, and restore old versions as needed.

Work via FileCloud drive

With FileCloud, you can access and share billions of files – directly on your desktop in an incredibly easy way. This requires very little hard disk space.

Easily share workspaces with ease

Right-click a folder to share it directly or open it with FileCloud, and invite your team to view, edit, upload and share business files. This turns files and folders into shared workstations.

No data loss anymore

A stolen laptop or a hard disk crash no longer means you lose your files. Store all your working documents and projects securely in FileCloud Cloud storage.

Fast LAN and Anywhere Cloud Access

Access large files quickly using your local LAN and at the same time get anywhere access from the cloud using FileCloud file exchange server.

Real Savings

Dropbox business plan starts at $12.50/ user/ month, whereas the FileCloud server (Self-Host/ On-Premise) costs you just $4.20/ user/ month and FileCloud Online (hosted by us) costs you $10/ user/ month.

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FileCloud Data Sharing Server

File Sharing Automation

As secure file sharing, advanced workflows and intelligent features are being adopted by other file sharing servers, FileCloud already has implemented automation capabilities which simplifies the overall process. Manual processes may allow users to upload the wrong folders, forget passwords, or accidentally delete folders. FileCloud offers advanced workflow automation features.

“Easy integration of FileCloud with our existing network drive structure was superb”

Central Administration & Reporting

FileCloud Cloud File Sharing Server access can be easily managed and controlled by administrator(s). An  administrator has supreme authority to manage all user information on the file server, including share access, passwords and file restrictions. Checkout FileCloud admin features in detail.

For instance, the administrator can remove access rights, move files and restrict access for an employee who leaves the company. Access to files and file sharing abilities are based on permissions defined by the administrator, ensuring that employees, partners and clients only see and access relevant files and folders.

FileCloud offers a wide range of reports to manage and monitor the usage of the overall account. Easily check storage utilization reports, audit reports, and full file sharing and transfer history on the server (uploads, downloads, deleted files and folders).

“We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team”

Data Security

For external file transfers with any person outside office, data is exposed to the public networks. If the released data is proprietary, classified, secret customer data or subjected to any privacy regulations, security is mandatory. For example, customer data, transactions data, government data etc.

For regulatory compliance checks, 3rd party software applications like FTP is a very risky way of uploading and downloading. Many audit companies see FTP propagation as a severe critical issue. However, FileCloud ensures data encryption and advanced user access controls while providing same ease and flexibility. Check more details on external file sharing.

“We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is file sharing server?
File servers allow users to share information across a network without the need to physically transfer files via floppy diskette, or any other storage device. It’s simply a computer that can be used to provide information and software to customers, employees, and other computers. For example, employees should be able access shared documents. These are provided from one central computer.

How to make a file sharing server?
A file server is a computer that receives files from the network and handles them. A host computer can act as a server. A file server can also be a network-attached storage device (NAS) that serves as a remote hard drive for other computers. This allows anyone on the network to access files stored on it like they would on their own hard drives.

How to create file sharing server?
A reliable file server requires the right hardware. This includes, but is not limited to, the hard drive. It must have enough space for files and programs as well as the operating system and software to use the clients. Additionally, a server needs sufficient working memory and processing power to process multiple file and program requests.

How to install file sharing server?
The process of setting up a file sharing server will differ depending on the hardware and operating system you choose, but some steps will be consistent. Before you begin, note the names of all users and other details (hostname, IP address, etc.). Next, install and configure your server. Finally, finish set-up by connecting each device to the server.

How to enable file sharing server?
After you have signed up for and installed a file sharing service like FileCloud, the first step is to check that installation was successful. Then, you should login to the admin portal. From there, you need to get your license and create the managed storage path. The final step is to go to site setup.

What is the safest way to share files?
FileCloud is an enterprise file sync-and-sharing (EFSS) solution that makes it easy to share files. It includes file and folder sync and password-protected linking. AES256-bit encryption is also included, as well as smart data leak protection. These features make it simple to securely transfer files.

When should you use file sharing?
The benefits of file sharing are that it can save time, reduce multiple file versions, and protect data from being lost. File sharing allows multiple people to access the same file. A file sharing system typically has one or more administrators. The access privileges granted to users may be the same for all or different.

What are file sharing networks?
A file sharing network refers to the sharing of computer data and space between computers. It can be done with different levels of access privileges. A file sharing system typically has one or more administrators. The access privileges granted to users may be the same for all or different.

What file sharing services work in china?
FileCloud Online is a file sharing and synchronization solution for enterprises that is widely used in China by many companies. FileCloud Online is a secure platform that allows you to securely share large files across China. FileCloud allows files and libraries to sync quickly and easily in any country, even China.


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