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FileCloud Salesforce Integration
Simplify the Work and Collaborate Easily

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Enhanced Collaboration & Productivity With FileCloud and Salesforce

Manage Files From Within Salesforce

Access, share and manage files stored in FileCloud directly from Salesforce. FileCloud makes files stored in any on-premise, public or hybrid cloud available within Salesforce. Embed the FileCloud interface within Salesforce records.

Simplify Files and Collaborate Easily

Simplify your work so you can easily collaborate with teammates. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you always have access to all your files from FileCloud right into your Salesforce records and keep them organized.

Maintain Complete Visibility and Control

FileCloud syncs your changes real-time, so all the Salesforce users have real-time access to the content. Permissions are automatically mapped with Salesforce, so you can control access to your content to maintain visibility and control.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for Second Consecutive Time. 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

Securely Access, Share Files Stored in FileCloud From Salesforce

With FileCloud, users can securely access, share files stored in FileCloud from Salesforce. FileCloud makes files stored in any on-premise, public or hybrid cloud available within Salesforce. Embed the FileCloud interface within Salesforce records.

To be effective in selling, teams typically need access to sales collateral (Presentations, whitepaper, brochures, contracts). Often these collaterals are stored across multiple storage systems: on-premise, public or hybrid cloud. Using FileCloud, companies can integrate their salesforce account with files stored in on-premise file servers or cloud storage. Using FileCloud, sales teams can access and collaborate more effectively on sales content without ever leaving Salesforce.

Key benefits:

 Upload, download, access and share remote files from within Salesforce
Files can be stored in on-premise or public cloud (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure) can be accessed securely inside salesforce from anywhere.
Share files and collaborate with team members, even if they are not Salesforce users
Integrate Salesforce with existing file servers along with file permission
Get advanced file analytics – who has shared and who has downloaded files
Link FileCloud content with specific Salesforce records
Easy to access and share large files from Salesforce
Monitor customer activity (like downloads)
Unlimited file versioning. Access older versions of a file

The combination of FileCloud and Salesforce helps internal teams securely access, share files and folders within FileCloud, directly from Salesforce, on any device.

Boost Efficiency & Productivity through the Salesforce Integration – FileCloud for Salesforce creates a single platform to manage all your documents and files, and keep them organized in team-specific folders, accessible through Salesforce.

Improve Collaboration With Many 3rd-Party Application Integrations – Edit and share Microsoft Office docs directly from Salesforce, share files and collaborate with team members, even if they are not Salesforce users and integrate Salesforce with existing file servers along with file permissions.

Access Salesforce Files from Anywhere – Enable users to access, edit, and share customer files on the go with the FileCloud mobile apps.

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Run FileCloud on your infrastructure, with full control over your data.

Flexible Storage

Hybrid options including local storage (HDD, NAS/SAN), Amazon S3, or OpenStack

Branch Office Support

Provide fast access to files to remote branch offices while reducing network latency


Design custom workflows to automate business processes using simple ‘If this, then that (IFTTT)’ steps

MS Outlook Add-on

Automatically upload large file attachments to FileCloud and send a share link

Microsoft Office Add-on

Edit and Save documents directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

File Analytics and Reports

Get insights on your business and collaboration, e.g., usage trends, access by geo, and content mix

Endpoint Backup

Securely backup and restore files across all platforms including automatic media backup from mobile devices

Secure Online File Sharing

FileCloud provides public, private, and password protected file sharing with expiry date option. Admins can manage sub folder level permissions.

Large File Upload

Does your daily file sharing include large files? Now, share large files with huge sizes without limits. You can share files of any size with clients, partners and employees

Hybrid Cloud Solution

Get the benefits of both on-premise as well as the public cloud. Low latency, local file access when you are in office and seamless remote access from the cloud if you are outside.

Free Client/ Partner Accounts + ROI

FileCloud offers free client / partner accounts for clients, external vendors and partners. Limited user accounts are free and do not count towards your user license limit. Offers significant cost savings for you.

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FileCloud Salesforce Integration - Easy Collaboration

With FileCloud for Salesforce, you always have files and content ready for Salesforce campaigns and communication.

Whether you manage sales, service or marketing, FileCloud Salesforce integration enables you to bring the data and customer success opportunities together.

Here are a few use cases with FileCloud for Salesforce.

  • Simplify your workflows. Easily upload, store, and work on files directly into FileCloud from Salesforce records and leads.
  • Real time sync. FileCloud syncs your file changes in real time, so all of your Salesforce users have access to latest file version.
  • File analytics. Easily track what content has been shared, viewed, and downloaded.
  • Maintain visibility and control. Easily control who has access to your content.


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