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Hybrid cloud storage is a technology using a mix of on-premises, private & public cloud services

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Hybrid Cloud Storage Features

FileCloud's Hybrid Cloud infrastructure

Are you storing data within your Windows file servers? Convert these Windows file servers directly into a powerful enterprise file-sharing, backup, sync, and mobile access platform using FileCloud.

Fast Local Access

By providing fast local access, FileCloud ServerSync removes latency, ensures highest performance level while providing the cloud flexibility, which is critical for collaboration when dealing with files with large sizes.

Flexibility of Hybrid Cloud

Securely access, share and collaborate on files in the cloud or in on-premise Windows file servers. FileCloud’s Server Sync synchronizes files and permissions to the cloud server.

FileCloud powered Hybrid Cloud Storage infrastructure!

FileCloud’s Server Sync synchronizes files and permissions stored on the on-premise Windows file servers to the cloud server. Copies of files and permissions between the cloud and on-premises storage are maintained in sync. FileCloud ServerSync enables a unique hybrid cloud approach that allows traditional LAN access when on-premise and cloud access when off-site or remote.

FileClud allows companies to only pay for resources they use instead of having to buy, program, and maintain additional file sharing and file storage resources which may remain idle for longer period. FileCloud’s Hybrid cloud computing is a platform, which offers all the benefits of cloud computing – reliability, flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency, without any possible risk of data leak or exposure.

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Private Sharing

Once the share is created, you can choose to modify permissions and select an existing user or add a new user to share the file.

Share from a Network

Admin can create a network share directly from the FileCloud admin portal. Once a network share is created, the files and folders in the network shares are accessible in the FileCloud User Interface

MS Outlook support

Share and upload files and folders which reside on the FileCloud directly from Outlook.

Office 365 Integration

Office 365 integration enables users to work more proficiently and helps in collaboration.

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FileCloud - Best hybrid cloud storage

FAQ’s about Hybrid cloud

What is a Hybrid Cloud storage?

Hybrid cloud storage is an approach to manage enterprise storage that uses both local and off-site resources. Hybrid cloud storage helps businesses to supplement internal data storage with public cloud storage.

What is hybrid cloud hosting?

Hybrid cloud hosting is a solution that allows enterprises to add dedicated and shared cloud servers/storage on the same network. A hybrid cloud would consist of a private cloud (or internal cloud) and public cloud (or external cloud).

What is hybrid infrastructure?

A hybrid infrastructure combines the power of a traditional IT server, private, and public clouds together to enable you to have any resources for any enterprise needs and fulfil all the work and tasks that drive your enterprise.

"We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly"

Hybrid Cloud advantages - FileCloud

Hybrid cloud storage is used to connect and use internal data storage with public cloud storage. The technology keeps readily used data on-premise whereas inactive data and files are automatically moved to the cloud.

Using a hybrid cloud is an ideal solution for enterprises to scale computing resources when needed. With a solution like FileCloud, businesses don’t need to make huge capital expenses to have a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

"“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”"


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