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  • Mobile and Desktop Apps - Sync, Drive, Add-ons for Office & Outlook
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Run FileCloud On-Premise as a File System Microservice

Run Legacy Applications on Modern, Scaleable & Elastic Infrastructure

Unlimited API Calls

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FileCloud API exposes on-premise file system storage as a service.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible RESTful API

    FileCloud API contains all the needed service calls to interact with network file system and it is constantly evolving.

    Integrate with Existing Systems
    Just map your existing network file system to FileCloud and start using the API.
    Amazon S3 Support
    FileCloud out of the box has Amazon S3 & OpenStack support. When you decide to move from network file system to Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swist, just re-configure FileCloud without any change to your application.
    Enhance Application
    FileCloud features such as Workflow can be leveraged by your enterprises to design and manage custom automated processes with simple ‘if this (a condition) then do that (an action)’ statements (similar to IFTTT). For example, for every upload via FileCloud API, archive the file.

    Take Control of Your Cloud
    FileCloud’s API provides developers with the quickest way to add file storage to applications.

  • Security & Deployment Options

    FileCloud offers plenty of deployment options and supports encryption in transit and at rest.

    Multiple Install Options
    FileCloud can be run on Windows & Linux. FileCloud has a Docker, AWS & Azure images that can be run in minutes.
    High Availability Setup
    FileCloud can be setup for high availability.
    Multi Tenant Support
    FileCloud can be easily run as a multi-tenant installation.
    FileCloud is secure and provide encryption support for your files at rest and in transit.
    Anti-Virus Integration
    FileCloud can be integrated with ClamAV and all file uploads can be subjected to scanning.

  • Real Savings

    Using your software engineers to write an API to abstract your enterprise application from file system interaction will run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Run FileCloud & reduce your engineering cost significantly.


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