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We host FileCloud for you on compliant (HIPAA/ITAR/GDPR) infrastructure. No setup needed.
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  • All features enabled
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps - Sync, Drive, Add-ons for Office & Outlook
  • Admin Portal for managing your organization
  • Full support during trial
  • Note: During deployment, you will have a choice of regions, but trial runs in US East

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FileCloud Online - The Most Powerful and Affordable Egnyte Alternative

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Secure, Award-Winning Alternative to Egnyte for Enterprises

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Like Egnyte, FileCloud Online offers file server synchronization to the cloud and vice versa. This capability offers low latency access via LAN while you are at office and remote access from Cloud when you are on road. Egnyte requires you to move files to a virtual appliance to offer this hybrid cloud capability. But FileCloud Online requires only your existing windows file servers and doesn’t require you to move files anywhere.

Data Governance

FileCloud Online offers powerful data governance features such as complete document life cycle management, retention, archival, legal and admin hold. Our Smart DLP and Intelligent content classification system offers seamless security to protect your enterprise content. Our Smart DLP system offers rule based dynamic protection for your enterprise content.

Substantial Savings

For 100 users, Egnyte Business plan costs 24000$ per year while FileCloud Online Enterprise costs just 18000$ per year. Egnyte Business plan doesn’t include AD/LDAP integration, SSO and Device management. Unlike Egnyte, FileCloud Online Enterprise offers all the things system admin require in one transparent price plan without dicing and slicing the features.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the third consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

Secure, Affordable Alternative to Egnyte - Get More for Less!

Egnyte and FileCloud Online offer enterprise file sharing solution for businesses. Unlike competitors, both Egnyte and FileCloud Online offer unique hybrid cloud capabilities to synchronize local file severs to the cloud and vice versa. Egnyte StorageSync uses a locally installed virtual appliance to provide the hybrid cloud capability while FileCloud doesn’t require a separate virtual appliance. One can use their existing windows file servers to act as a local file storage that is synchronized to the cloud.

When compared to FileCloud Online, Egnyte is substantially expensive. Most of the important features required by system administrators like Role-based Administration, Multiple Entity Management, Native AD/LDAP Integration, SAML SSO Integration and Archiving Service are available only with Egnyte Enterprise plan (Higher priced plan than Egnyte Business plan).

With FileCloud Online you get more for less. We don’t dice and slice our capabilities to different price plans. Our Enterprise plan costs just 15$ per user per month and includes AD/SSO integration, role based administration, custom domain, salesforce integration, retention, archival, DLP and content classification. For 100 users our enterprise plan can save more than 6000$ when compared to comparable Egnyte’s enterprise plan.

FileCloud Online (Enterprise) Egnyte (Premium)
Business Model $/user license $/user license
Pricing for 100 users/year $18000 $24000
Hosting Options & Features
Cloud Hosted yes yes
IAAS (AWS) yes yes
IAAS (AWS GovCloud) yes no
IAAS (Azure) yes no
Storage, Sync & Backup Features
Storage Sync yes yes
Large File Support, max file size Unlimited 10 GB
Supported Local Storage yes yes
Storage Limitation Unlimited 10 TB
Endpoint Backup (Mulitple folders) yes yes
Mobile Features
Mobile OS Compatibility iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android, Windows Phone
iOS, Android Media backup yes yes
Cloud Features
File Sharing yes yes
Secure Access yes yes
Cross Platform yes yes
Desktop Sync – Cross Platform(Windows, Mac, Linux) yes yes
Document Quick Edit yes yes
Document Web Edit yes yes
DICOM Medical Images Preview (e.g. X-rays, Scans) yes yes
Embedded File Upload Form yes yes
File Comments/Activity Stream yes yes
Workflow Automation yes yes
Chrome Extension yes yes
Gmail Extension yes yes
Customization, Branding yes yes
Security, Access Control & Existing File Systems Integration
Active Directory Support yes yes
Multiple Active Directory yes no
Single Sign-On yes yes
SAML Authentication yes yes
Data At Rest Encryption yes yes
Two Factor Authentication(2FA) yes yes
File Locking yes yes
GDPR Features (Consent, Users Rights, DPO Accounts) yes yes
Data Governance (Automatic document life cycle management) yes Upgrade
FIPS 140-2 (U.S. government security standard) yes yes
Outlook Integration yes yes
API Support yes yes
Sharepoint plugin Under Development yes
E-signature Under Development yes
Google Drive Integration Under Development Buy Additional Product
Amazon S3/OpenStack Support yes yes
Audit & Admin Tools
Access and Monitoring Control yes yes
Mobile Device Management (Block devices, remote wipe, notification to devices) yes yes
Audit Reports yes yes
Geo IP Access Reports yes no
File Analytics & Reporting (Summary of Client Applications per OS & Type, User Shares, Active Files Managed, File Type Distribution) yes no
Role Based Administration yes yes
Pattern Search yes no
Based on public information available as of 21/11/2019. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

FileCloud Online is a powerful, award-winning, enterprise file-sharing, sync and endpoint product hosted on AWS infrastructure. We have been recognized by the Gartner Customers’ Choice Award in 2018 and 2019, and were named in the 2018 Gartner MQ for Content Collaboration Platform. FileCloud Online is a fast-growing, privately owned company that, unlike many of our competitors today, answer first and foremost to our customers. We are committed to giving clients a clean, no-friction experience, and providing maximum value for their investments. We are the most powerful solution to file-sharing on the market, and we hope that you’ll let us be yours.

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Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Offers hybrid cloud deployments where files stored in local windows file servers can be synchronized to the cloud and vice versa. offers low latency access from LAN while you are at office and remote fast access from the cloud.

Substantial Savings

Unlimited, free external user accounts for free of cost. You only pay for your user accounts. Standard plan pricing starts at 10$ per use per year. For 100 users, you can save over 9000 $ when compared to Egnyte.

Team Folders

Team folders provide a single place where teams in a company can store and organize files and folders.
Team folders are created by admins or authorized users and instantly made available to all members of a team.

Choice of Region

A choice between five major regions: US East, US West, EU, Australia and Hong Kong, allowing clients to store files in the best area for data control, low latency access and regulatory preferences.

Custom Branding

Brings your business branding front and center. Starting from custom domains,logos, login page image to user emails, everything can be customized to reflect your brand.

Endpoint Backup

Enables you to backup multiple folders from your PCs, laptops to Cloud.You are not limited to one magic sync folder.

File Server Backup

Backup and Sync your file server to the cloud. Get fast local access from LAN and remote access from the cloud.

DLP & Content Classification Engine

Provides unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assure corporate data is protected across all your devices. Our advanced management controls and detailed activity logs helps you to secure organization data.

Data Governance - GDPR

Simplifies data governance by setting policies for automatic document life cycle management, including file retention and archival. Offers GDPR friendly features like privacy consent, PII search and anonymizing access logs.

Customer side Encryption & Sandbox

Allows customers to choose their own Encryption keys for added data security.Our unique site sandbox architecture isolates every customer site from other customer sites for maximum security.

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Top 10 Reasons Why FileCloud Online is Better Than Egnyte

  • More features for lower costs, including granular file sharing, admin portal, device management, metadata, Smart DLP, content classification engine and more.
  • Offers Team Folders to share files across a group or sub set of users, while Egnyte offers only My Files and Shared Folders.
  • Offers Data governance features like retention, archival, legal and admin hold for no additional cost.
  • Platform to promote your brand – customize with your own logos, background image and custom domain.
  • Includes windows file-server backup to cloud for no additional cost. Egnyte Storage Sync is available only in higher price plan and it requires a virtual appliance.
  • Offers endpoint PC backup to Cloud while Egnyte doesn’t offer endpoint backup.
  • Store your files in the region of your choice for data residency and low-latency access.
  • Supports customer side encryption keys while Egnyte only utilizes server-side encryption.
  • Offers GDPR friendly features such as privacy consent, PII federated search, anonymize PII data to keep your organization data in compliance.
  • Stores each customers file in a separate sandbox for maximum security, while Egnyte mingles all customer files and metadata.

Who can use FileCloud Online?

    • Architecture and construction companies that work with large CAD files and require hybrid cloud capabilities
    • Large Enterprises and fortune 2000 companies with substantial local file servers
    • SMBs looking for a cost-effective but powerful file sharing platform for their business
    • Businesses from Europe, Middle-East and Australia who want to utilize servers in their respective regions for data residency
    • Investment banking and financial institutions who want to use a segregated virtual data room for large deals and transactions
    • Healthcare and pharma companies that need to comply with stringent data security regulations
    • Government organizations and contractors that need to comply with ITAR regulations

Note that FileCloud Online is built and optimized for business use, rather than personal file-sharing and storage.


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