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Opening Office Documents for Edition


You can open an Office document (Word, Excel or Powerpoint file) for edition either from the FileCloud app or directly from the Office mobile app as follows.

From the FileCloud App


Open FileCloud and navigate to the Office Document that you want to edit.

Tap in the top right button to open the iOS Action Sheet.

Choose the Office mobile app from the list (Excel in the sample screenshot).

From an Office Mobile App

Make sure that you have installed the Office app that corresponds to the document that you want to edit:

• Microsoft Excel:

• Microsoft Word:

• Microsoft PowerPoint:

Open either Excel, Word or PowerPoint for iOS (screenshots shown for Excel).

Choose Open fin the lower right corner.

Then choose ... More to open the iOS Files view.

Tap either the Back or Browse button to reveal other services besides iCloud.

From there you can choose FileCloud and navigate to your desired file.

Saving File Changes Back to FileCloud

Once you finished editing your file you will have to take some extra steps to make sure that these changes are saved to FileCloud.

From the Office app chose the Export button (the second button in the top left toolbar).

In the following screen choose the Send a Copy option.
Choose Send with Another App.
Select Save to FileCloud and browse to your desired location.


Using FileCloud with Microsoft Office Word App to create/edit/save files.


  • Android device running Android Lollipop (5.0) or above
  • Office for Android apps must be v16.0.4223.1000 or above
  • Office 365 subscription is necessary
  • Latest FileCloud App must be installed on your Android Device
  • Setup a valid FileCloud account. Check this page for help.

Users without an Office 365 subscription will have view-only access to FileCloud contents.

The following process is shown on the Word app, but the exact same steps can be reproduced on Excel and PowerPoint apps.

How to Access FileCloud from Office on Android ?

  • If you don't have Office apps installed on your device, you can get them on the Google Play Store : Word - ExcelPowerPoint
  • After successful installation, open the app. Select Open, then Browse :


  • A file browser fill appear. Tap the icon at the top left, then select your FileCloud account :


     Once you have accessed FileCloud from MS Office Word app, you can now open, edit and save files to your FileCloud account.


In order to edit and save files back to your FileCloud account, it is necessary you are a paid Office 365 subscriber.

For Non-subscribers, you will be able to only save files locally or to OneDrive.

How to Create a new file and save it to a FileCloud Account?

  • Open any MS Office app, then click on the New icon :


  • From the next screen, select the type of document you want to create.
  • When you are ready to save, click on the top left icon, and select Save as :


  • Select Browse, a file browser will appear. Click on the top left icon, then select your FileCloud account :


  • Select any destination in your FileCloud server, then press Save in the bottom right.























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