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Your FileCloud administrator will provide you with an account so you can use the FileCloud Server site.

  • An administrator can configure FileCloud to allow you to create your own account.
  • An administrator can also configure FileCloud to require admin approval before connecting
  • You will notified by email when trying to connect (Admin approval pending) 

  • You will also be notified by email when the administrator has approved the device you are trying to connect with
  • Once an user account is created, it can be assigned different access levels.

What types of accounts are there?

Upon receiving your account details, you can access FileCloud in the following ways:

(lightbulb)  Click an item in the following list to read more about it.

Supported Browsers for UI 1.0

  • Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Google Chrome 25.0 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 24 and above
  • Safari 11 and above

Supported Browsers for UI 2.0

  • Microsoft Edge 15 and above
  • Google Chrome 55.0 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 52 and above
  • Safari 11 and above

  Log into the User Portal 

  Install the Chrome Browser Extension so you can save to FileCloud

  Install the Gmail Extension

Access your data on the go!

  Apple iOS app 

  Android App

Don't want to use the browser? No problem!

Use a desktop client for Windows, Mac, or Linux OS.

  FileCloud Drive

  FileCloud Sync

  FileCloud MacDrive

  Use a WebDAV client

  What's the difference between FileCloud Drive and FileCloud Sync?

Working on a Microsoft document and don't want to leave?

Install the Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Install DocIQ - This is an office integration add-in for FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive clients. It supports automatic file-lock management, collaboration through comments, share management and version visibility for: 

    • Word 
    • Excel 
    • PowerPoint

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