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FileCloud supports backing up files and photos from different devices


Settings NameDescription
Allow Users To BackupThis setting allows users to backup files and folders using the Cloud Sync app
Allow Camera Uploads

This settings allows Mobile clients (As of FileCloud v5.0, the FileCloud iOS and FileCloud Android app has this support), to backup the photos and videos automatically to their FileCloud accounts.
Turning off this setting will prevent this server from being used to backup the audio/video files. 
This path cannot be changed. All the camera upload will be stored in the user's backups folder,
Say, if the user name is jdoe, the camera uploads will be stored in /jdoe/backups/<phone name>

NOTE: This location cannot be synced as well

Camera Upload Path

This is the location where the automatically updated media and backup files are stored. This is a read only field meant for display only. This path can be overriden for specific users to make them backup to a different location.

Backup EmailThis is an additional email ID to which the Backup Complete notifications will be sent.

Overriding the Backup Path for a User

It is possible to set a different backup folder path for each user, overriding the default global path specified.

To know the exact folder path you want to use. Please check out how to identify Filecloud Specific path.

Viewing Backups

To view the backed up files, the devices in which the backup took place, and the path backed up, (for the particular user)

  • Log into the FileCloud admin portal.
  • Navigate to Users tab.
  • Click on edit button and in the user details dialog, click on Manage Backups icon

  • This will open a dialog which shows the devices in which the backup happened for the particular user.

  • Click on "View Backups" button to view the paths backed up in the device.

  • Click on "View Backup History" button to view the backup date and the number of files backed up

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