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Basic Check

In a browser session, go to http://<yourdomain>//install (typically http://127.0.01/install)

Look at the following tables for information about different basic checks.

Requirement Checks

This is a set of basic checks performed on the FileCloud installation environment.

Apache Web ServerChecks if your environment has Apache 2.x web server.
Apache Mod RewriteChecks if mod rewrite module is enabled and activated.
.htaccess PresentChecks if the .htaccess is present in the root WWWROOT folder
PHP 5.6 or higherChecks if the environment has PHP v5.6 or higher.
PHP MongoDB (mongodb ext) driver 1.2.3 or higher
Checks if PHP Mongo DB drivers are installed properly and are greater than version 1.2.3
PHP GD LibraryChecks if GD library is installed properly.
PHP Zip libraryChecks if Zip library is installed properly
PHP Curl LibraryChecks if PHP Curl library is installed, this is required if you are using open stack, Amazon S3 or NTFS permissions or Multi-tenancy.
PHP OpenSSL libraryChecks if OpenSSL library is installed properly.
PHP ionCube extension 4.4.1 or higherFileCloud PHP files are protected by ioncube encoder. So ioncube decoder is essential for FileCloud to function.
Click on the "Install ionCube Loader" link to get instructions on configuring ionCube loader on your environment.
Choose "Local Server" when selecting your environment.
PHP bcmath extensionChecks if PHP bcmath extension is installed.
PHP SimpleXML extensionChecks if PHP SimpleXML extension is installed.
PHP mbstring extensionChecks if PHP mbstring extension is installed.
PHP LDAP library (optional)Checks if PHP LDAP extension is installed. This is optional and only required if your environment will be using LDAP or Active Directory authentication.
PHP Memcache Extension (optional)Checks if PHP Memcache extension is installed. This is optional and only required if you will be using encryption for Local Storage (Managed Storage)
Install in Server WWW root folderChecks if FileCloud installation is in the main server root and not in the subfolder,  ie. and not
CloudConfig.php ReadableChecks if cloudconfig.php exists and readable. cloudconfig.php file is present in WWWRoot/config folder

If all checks are "OK", go to "Extended Checks". Ensure none of the checks has "Failed" status. If there are any failed checks, fix the problem before proceeding to the extended checks.

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