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You can create multiple accounts at one time using a Comma-Separated Value files (CSV) that contains all the user account information.

When you create multiple accounts at one time, all accounts will initially have the follow settings:

  • Default Authentication
  • Access Level is set to "Guest Access" user.
  • Account marked as "Email Verified" - this allows the user to immediately log in with their password

As the Administrator, you can change the authentication and access level once the user account is created.

Format of CSV file for creating user

To import from a CSV, create a simple text file with the all the user account information. The format of the created file is explained below:


CSV import format
userid, emailid, password, display name, access level, expiration date, groups, email verified
useridThis is the user id to be created in the system.
emailidThis must be a unique email id to be associated with the user.
passwordPassword for the user. Must follow password requirement (like minimum length etc
display name (Optional)This is the display name that needs to be set for the user.
access level (Optional)This is the access level that will be set for the user . The value can be (GUEST|FULL|LIMITED).
total quota (Optional)
Total Quota that needs to be set for the user.
expiration date (Optional)The date at which the user would get expired.
groups (Optional)The groups to which the user needs to be added.
email verified (Optional)

When the Value is set to YES email will be set as verified.

When the value is set to NO email verified will not be set.

enable notification (Optional)

When the Value is set to YES , notification will be enabled.

when the value is set to No, notification will be disabled.


Below is the sample csv file for import user with all the parameters set.

import user.csv

Importing CSV File


To import a CSV File, follow the steps listed

  1. Log on to the Administration Portal
  2. Click on "Users" in the left navigation panel
  3. Click on "Import" button on top right corner to launch the import dialog window
  4. Select the CSV file containing the entries of users to be created and click "Import"
  5. Once the process is complete, a report will be generated indicating the status of each user account creation



Note:   Import a CSV with username, email, password, type, group, display name, email verified, expiration date, notification, storage limit  is also possible.     

The export order should match the import order exactly.

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