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FileCloud Quick Edit


Document Quick Edit support is available in FileCloud starting from FileCloud 8.0 and in Sync app starting from 8.84. See note for administrators at the bottom of this article on how to make sure to enable it.

Quick Edit Requires the Sync App to be installed on the local computer.

Quick Edit does not work when the Sync App is set to run as a service.

FileCloud Document Quick Edit allows you to select a document file (DOCX, DOC,, PPTX, PPT, XLSX, XLS, IDD, PSD, XLSB file formats) from the Web UI and automatically open it locally in its native document editor. Changes you save will automatically appear in the cloud as new versions. This function is ideal for users who need to edit files on their desktops, but don’t want to install the FileCloud Drive or Sync all the files to their local machine. It's also more convenient than downloading, editing, saving and uploading the saved version back to the cloud. 

To perform quick edit, first install the sync app locally on your computer.

When setting up the account information, you can select the mode to disable syncing and only provide document editing support. If you leave it unchecked, you will be able to do Quick Editing as well as Offline Syncing.

See below:

Next select any file in the web browser and then click on the "Quick Edit" option to download and open the file in the local document editing application.

The document gets opened in an editor, for example, Microsoft Word. Simply edit as you would normally and then hit save. The file will get saved back to the server and notification shown that the version has been saved.

You can continue to edit the document and save it and every time you save it a new version will get uploaded.

Note for Administrators:

Document Quick Edit requires that you have enabled the customization option in the Admin control panel

Go to Customization →  General→UI Features → Show Online Edit Option

Note for Administrators:

To enable quick edit option to become available for all file extensions, please add this option to cloudconfig.php




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