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Starting with FileCloud 14.0, custom reports can be created and the data can be downloaded in an excel format. To get started with reporting system, go to Reports menu item that is shown as part of the left navigation menu in admin interface.  In order to view the reports, the admin user must be the master admin or must have access to the reports system. Admin user can be granted access to the reports system through the Admins menu item on the left navigation menu.

The reports screen displays the list of existing reports. The filter text box can be used to filter the reports based on the report name. The individual reports on the report list can be viewed, downloaded, edited and deleted. New reports can be added by clicking the Add Report button and following through the add report wizard.


Add Report

Click the add report button and Select the report to create from the drop down list.

The next step is the set the parameters. The parameters can be entered in the text box. The format for the parameters are given on the bottom of the screen. The screen also indicates whether the parameters are optional or required. 

The final step is the set a report name. The same report can be created multiple times with different parameters and named differently. This will enable to execute and download the reports quickly.

Download Report

From the report list, run the report to view the report results in a separate window. First 30 rows are displayed on the screen. The download button can be used to download the data in csv format.

Available Reports

Report NameDescription
Retrieve Client Application Information

Report of all remote client devices connected to FileCloud and their details.
Data Retrieved: userid, client display name, client os type, client OS version, client api level, client last login
Parameters: None

Get Client application grouped by OS

Report of total client devices that are connected to FileCloud grouped by client OS.
Data Retrieved: client OS type(Windows, Android etc), total devices connected. 
Parameters: None 

Get Client apps grouped by TYPE

Report of total client devices that are connected to FileCloudg grouped by TYPE.
Data Retrieved: Client Type(Sync, Drive etc), total devices connected.
Parameters: None 

Get File Type Distribution in managed storageReport of File types stored in FileCloud along with the total count of each type
Data Retrieved: File Type, total files stored.
Parameters: None 
Get Users who have most files in managed storage

Report of users who have the most files stored under FileCloud in managed storage
Data Retrieved: username, total files stored.
Parameters: None 

Get User quota usage reportReport of users who use the maximum quote in FileCloud managed storage
Data Retrieved: username, email, file count, quote usage, quote assigned, quote usage percentage.
Parameters: None 
Get Active Files in Managed StorageReport of total number of files that were changed in the last 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 6 months
Data Retrieved: days, total files changed, percent of files changed. 
Parameters: None
Get User Shares Report

Report of all the shares created in FileCloud and their details.
Data Retrieved: share name, share owner, share url, share type, share location, created on, last access, expiry date

  • keyword - search keyword in sharename, share owner, share url string (string following /url/)
  • folderpath -  locationpath

The CSV file that is downloaded contains additional information about users and groups that have access to each share.

This update is available in FileCloud Server version 18.2 and later.

Get User Login ReportReport of all the logins in the FileCloud and their details.
Data Retrieved: login time, username, useragent, ip
  • from_date: login from date
  • to_date: login to date 
Get number of emails sent, grouped by sender

Report of the number of emails sent in the last X hours

Data Retrieved: sender, number of emails sent


  • hours: number of previous hours to report
Get download files report

Report on what files were downloaded during a given period, or files downloaded by a user or group of users during a particular period

Data Retrieved: Timestamp of download, user name, user agent, IP address, file path


  • from_date : (OPTIONAL) From date in Y-M-d H:i:s
  • to_date : (OPTIONAL) To date in Y-M-d H:i:s
  • username : (OPTIONAL) User account name - can be set only when from_date and to_date are specified 
  • ignore_from_owner: (OPTIONAL) Define if the downloads made from folders owned by the user are ignored (YES or NO, defaults to NO)

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