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From 18.1 file cloud users are able to search for File Cloud files using a desktop client.

How to access search widget ? 

Taskbar icon Search option.

Taskbar Search option will show the basic Search UI with a default search paths 

Context menu search ( initial path of the search will be the selected driectory ).

For an example, below search is going to tigger search in "My Files" only.
Note that you can change the path after clickig search.

Basic search

Below an example of a basic search dialog. 

User can rightclick on a file entry and trigger actions on it.

Advanced search options

User can use advanced search options to narrow down the search.
Note that scope is All by default and cannot be changed. 
Your results will show for both content or file/dir name, but the result will not be duplicated when a given phrase exists in the content and name. 

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