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FileCloud can send the following messages to users via email:

  • share notifications
  • file change notification 
  • error notifications 

In order for the email system to work, the FileCloud administrator must setup the mail configuration.

Email From AddressThis is the address from which the email messages will be sent to users.
Email From NameThis is the display name used when sending the email message
Email Reply to AddressThis is the address that the recipient will use when they click "Reply" to a message sent from FileCloud system.
Email Reply to NameThis is the display name used when recipient replies to a email sent from FileCloud system
Email Type

Specify the email facility to be used . The type can be "SMTP", "Mail" or "SendMail".

Note that "Mail" and "SendMail" use underlying OS's function (Available only for Debian/Ubuntu installation).

The recommended setting is to use SMTP .


SMTP Configuration

You need an SMTP account to setup email using SMTP type.


SMTP SettingDescription
SMTP HostSMTP Server to use for sending email
SMTP PortThe SMTP port to use to connect to SMTP Host (This will be given by your SMTP Provider
SMTP SecurityIf your SMTP provider uses SSL or TLS security then select as appropriapriate
SMTP Auth EnabledIf SMTP requires authentication using username/password, then enable this to enter the user/password
SMTP Auth UserIf SMTP Auth is enabled, then enter the authentication username
SMTP Auth PasswordIf SMTP Auth is enabled, then enter the password for SMTP Auth User.


To configure the email notifications:

  1. Log into the administration portal
  2. Click on "Settings" on the left navigation panel
  3. Click on "Email" tab
  4. Enter the required information
  5. Click Save
  6. Click on "Test Email->Send Email" to try the setting (The email will send to the admin's email)

Manage Do Not Email Settings

  • Emails get added to DO NOT EMAIL list when they click "unsubscribe" that comes in the email body.
  • Admin can remove the users from "DO NOT EMAIL" list, if needed. This section is available Admin UI -> Settings -> Email tab. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to manage do not email settings.
  • Starting from FileCloud 18.1 administrators can specify the maximum number of emails that system can send in the 24 hour span.


Use  "Always Send Important Emails"  check box,  to allow important mails like password recovery, 2fA to by pass "DO NOT EMAIL" list.



Office 365 Settings


When using Office 365, SMTP settings have to be set with the following recommended values:

SettingRecommended value
SMTP SecurityTLS
Username/email address and passwordEnter the sign in credentials of the hosted mailbox being used


For more information about SMTP configuration for Office 365 accounts please check: Microsoft Office Support Article 

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