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FileCloud allows to share existing network folders to all its users. These network folders when are on a slower network and FileCloud is running on Windows OS then the listing of files/folders in these shares will be very slow. 
FileCloud introduced a work around to this problem starting in v12, which is to use scraping of the windows dir command. This happens to be much faster than retrieving the list programatically.

Enabling Directory Scraping


  1. Log into FileCloud Admin Portal.
  2. Navigate to Settings->Misc->Directory Scraper tab
  3. Select the check box labeled "Enable Directory Scraper"
  4. Set the correct date format of the system, if needed. Please look at the next section to find your system date format.
  5. Click "Save"
  6. Now all network shares will use directory scraping method to get file listing.

Setting Date Format

Since directory scraping relies on the exact location and format of the listing output to populate the directory listing, this can be an issue if the date format is different from the FileCloud default.

To set the correct date format, open the command prompt on the Windows server, run a dir command.

Now note the date format from the directory output. Using this php date format help, set the correct value for the date format in the "Date Format" text box.

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