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Once the FileCloud installation is completed and Basic checks pass, Extended verification should be run to perform additional checks of your FileCloud install.

Extended Check

Clicking on "Extended Checks" on the basic screen will rerun the checks with some more checks.

Look at the following tables for information about different basic checks.

More Information

Here are details about some of the important extended checks performed.

CloudConfig.php readableChecks if the cloudconfig.php file is present in the config folder
Localstorageconfig.php readableChecks if the localstorageconfig.php file is present in the config folder
Scratch Directory WritableChecks if WebServer process has write permissions to WEBROOT/scratch directory.
In Linux, usually chown -R www-data:www-data WEBROOT/scratch followed by chmod -R 700 WEBROOT/scratch would be sufficient.
Config Directory ReadableChecks if Apache web server process has read permissions to WEBROOT/config directory.
Mod Rewrite Apache Configuration Setup CheckChecks if Apache website configuration has mod rewrite rules allowed.
PHP Memcache Server (Optional)Checks if Memcache server is running. This is currently optional.
Verification of Mongo DB connectionChecks if FileCloud sofware can connect to Mongo DB server and whether the database is running a recent version.


FileCloud Update Information


This section of the installer shows the current version of FileCloud and also the latest version available. There is also a link to the release notes.

Database Schema

If the database schema needs an update, it will show a warning and you can click on the Update link to update your database to the latest schema version.

Config Files

If any configuration entries are missing, there will be a warning in the Status here and clicking the help link will show you the configuration entries that need to be added. Usually when you update to a new version, adding new entries might be needed to be added.

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