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The File Browser is similar to Windows Explorer or Mac OSX Finder with the only difference being that the files being worked on are remote and stored in the filecloud server and not stored in the local disk.

Starting with FileCloud 17.0, the outlook add-in contains a remote file browser function to access, edit and view all files on the server. This is an alternative to the web browser to access FileCloud. To open the File Browser, you will open the Outlook compose window and click the File Browser button.
The File Browser user interface opens:


You can navigate to different locations in the remote FileCloud server by different methods.

  1. Using the left hand side folder tree to navigate to different folders
  2. By double-clicking folders on the right hand side folder listing


You can also navigate to older locations that you previously visited by using the History back and forward arrows.

Downloading Files

You can select any file and right click to view the context menu. Select download to choose the local location to download to.

Upload Files or Folders

You can use the icons located in the top bar to upload a file.

Create a New Folder

Select the Create Folder icon to create a new folder in the current location.

Refresh a File Listing

In any file listing, select the Refresh Icon to refresh the file listing.

Renaming Items

Select item you want to rename and choose the Edit menu and select the 'Rename' option.
Choose the new name you  want and hit "enter" or the "OK" button.

Deleting Items

Right click on the file or folder and bring up the context menu and choose 'Delete'. 

Locking and Unlocking Items

Right click on a item and bring up the context menu and choose 'Lock' or 'Unlock'.


Right click on an item and bring up the context menu and choose "Add to Favorites"
Quickly navigate to different folders or files saved in favorites by using the Favorites menu.



Right Click on an item and bring up the context menu and choose "Share"

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