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XML response received from FileCloud HTTP server follows a standard pattern with items, meta and item element.

The following is the standard XML pattern received from FileCloud server.


	<metaelement1>[Meta Element 1 value] 
	</metaelement1> <metaelement2>[Meta Element 2 value] 
	<itemdetail1>[Item detail 1 value]<itemdetail1> 
	<itemdetail2>[Item detail 1 value]<itemdetail2> 
	<itemdetail3>[Item detail 1 value]<itemdetail3> 

The items and item element will be renamed appropriately for each XML response received as shown below in the samples. On the other hand, meta element is optional.  Following are some of the sample XML response received.

In the loginguest response below, the items and item element are replaced with commands and command element respectively. The command element has type, result and message elements as itemdetail.

 		<message> </message> 


In the getfilelist response below, the items and item element are replaced with entries and entry element respectively. The entry element has path, dirpath, name, ext, isroot, type, fullfilename, size, modified, favoritelistid, favoriteid, order, fullsize, modifiedepoch elements as itemdetail. Note that, the getfilelist also returns the optional meta element with parentpath and total entry elements.



			<modified>Dec 10, 2017 8:26 AM</modified>

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