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A new CLI tool for Linux Distros called filecloudcp is available in FileCloud Server version 18.1 and later. 

FileCloud Command Line Usage

The filecloudcp tool helps you find the current version running in the server, check for updates, and upgrade your FileCloud instance from command line.

Filecloudcp includes the following options:

# filecloudcp

usage: filecloudcp

-v | --version                     : Show the current version of FileCloud installed
-c | --checkforupgrade      : Checks for FileCloud Upgrades
-u | --runupgrade              : Upgrades FileCloud Version
-p | --resetpassword         : Performs FileCloud Admin Password
-h | --help                          : This message

Below are the outputs of the filecloudcp command

Check for version running on the server

#filecloudcp -v
Copyright (C) 2018 CodeLathe Technologies, Inc.
This is Commercial software.
Enterprise File Sharing, Sync and Mobile Access for Business
Report bugs and tickets to FileCloud Support.

Check for new upgrades

#filecloudcp -c

Reset FileCloud Admin Password

#filecloudcp -p

The above command will reset the admin password to default 

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