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Follow the steps in this guide to start sharing and syncing your files through the FileCloud Online service.

(lightbulb) Not sure what FileCloud Online is? Read more about it...

1. Register

We host the FileCloud site for you

CodeLathe creates the site based on the team name you use when registering for trial.

For example: https://<yourteamname>

CodeLathe sends you an email with the user name and password

  2. Add User Accounts

Adding a user allows an employee in your company access to the FileCloud Online site so they can share and sync files.


By signing in to admin portal, you can:

  • create users and configure access level
  • configure your site and customize the branding as per your needs
  • create team folders for company wide sharing

This level of control allows you to manage data in many different situations.

For example, when an employee leaves the organization:

  • The data can continue to be saved for a disabled user account while not allowing that user to log in to FileCloud Online anymore.
  • Then later this saved data can be made available to a new employee.

Administrators can create users in the following ways:

Manually Add a User

Import a User from Active Directory or LDAP

Create Users in Bulk from a CSV File

(lightbulb)  You can also create user groups for easy sharing.

  3. Enable and Configure Team Folders

 Team Folders are easy way to share files among a team.  

(lightbulb)  You can read more about how to organize folders here:

Best Practices for Organizing Your Folders


Team Folders use managed storage and are not available for network storage.

Therefore, team folders are created on managed storage where all files and folders under team folders are stored.

  • Centralized Content Management: Team Folders facilitate organizing files and folders in a centralized place.
  • Easy Provisioning of Users, Files and Folders: New users can be provisioned quickly with access to specific files and folders through team folders.
  • Similarly, New files can be granted immediate access to all relevant users by uploading the file to the relevant team folder.
  • Granular Control of Folders: Team Folders and their sub folders can be given granular permissions to users with Read, Write, Share and Sync access.
  • Manage Selective Sync: Admins can select specific team folders and enable or disable sync permissions on an easy to use user interface.

Setup Team Folders

  1. Create and Organize the Team Folder Data.
  2. Share Team Folder and Set Share Permissions for users and groups.
  3. Set Granular Folder Permissions on Team Folders (Optional)

  4. Configure Security

 Security means not only verifying the identify of someone who connects to a network resource, but also setting alerts to know when there are problems and setting permissions on folders shared on the cloud. 

To manage security, choose how you want to secure your resources:

  Enable Single Sign On

  • FileCloud supports SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) based web browser Single Sign On (SSO) service.
  • SSO provides full control over the authorization and authentication of hosted user accounts that can access FileCloud Web based interface.

  Enable Two Factor Verification

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) refers to the two-step verification process that is available in FileCloud v9.0 and later.
  • This verification is designed to provide an extra layer of security.

View Alerts

  • Allow FileCloud to track all un handled exceptions, system error messages generated in the FileCloud server.
  • The number of alerts are shown in the Dashboard and the Alerts page
  • The alerts will show detailed information about the various errors encountered.

Send Email Alerts

  • You can also set alerts to send notification on specific user actions or system status.

  Set Folder-Level Permissions

  • In many sharing scenarios, you might need to setup folder permissions so that even if a top level folder allows some actions, a specific subfolder does not.

  5. Welcome Users to the Site 

Once you have the site configured, it is ready for users to login and begin sharing files.

When you created the user accounts, FileCloud automatically sent the login information to each user.

Now is the time to send users a Welcome email and direct them to the User Guide.


Uses the user login account created by the administrator to:

  • Login
  • Add files
  • Access file remotely from mobile devices
  • Share Files and Folders
  • Sync local workspaces with your FileCloud hosted site
  • Set up FileCloud Drive

Take me to the User's Guide

(lightbulb)  To maintain your FileCloud Online site, use the FileCloud Online Administrator Tasks for more information.

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