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FileCloud ServerLink is a feature to replicate a FileCloud site to another location. Changes in one FileCloud server are seamlessly replicated to another site,
Replicated data includes the following:

  • Files and Folders (Managed Storage Only)
  • User Accounts
  • User Groups
  • Comments
  • Favorites and Favorite Lists
  • File and Folder Shares
  • Folder Level Permissions
  • Metadata

ServerLink can be useful in several deployment scenarios.

  • An organization having a headquarters in one geographic location but many branches in other locations spread across the globe. If there is a single FileCloud server serving the headquarters, the branch offices will observe increased latency when accessing files remotely. To alleviate the problem the branch offices can each have their own FileCloud Site with each being a mirror of the main FileCloud site at HQ. Each branch office FileCloud site is a replica to the primary FileCloud site at HQ.
  • An organization might want a FileCloud site locally on the LAN for fast local access and a remote site on the cloud for remote file access. In this case the local FileCloud site can be connected by serverlink to the remote FileCloud site on the cloud to keep data replicated.
  • An organization might want another FileCloud site as a standby or backup so that if the primary site goes down then the standby can be available for operation.

FileCloud replication has the concept of a primary site and a replica site.

There can be many replica sites connected to a primary site. Typically, there is one primary site and multiple replica sites.  Changes that happen in the primary site are copied to the replica site. Similarly changes that happen in a replica site are copied to the primary site. When there are multiple replicas, if a change happens in one replica, that change is propagated to all replica sites as well as the primary site. 

Synchronization is done by running the replication client on the replica servers. Replication clients are not required to be run on the primary server.

  • ServerLink keeps entire sites in sync with each other (ie mirrors), it is not possible to only keep part of the site in sync with another site.
  • Although ServerLink tries to replicate changes as fast as it can, replication is not instantaneous and changes in one site can take some time before it is propagated to the other site. Users and Administrators should be aware of this fact and make sure their business processes take into account. 
  • Changes occurring to both sites on a single file will result in the change in the primary site "winning" out. The other version changed in the site will be available in the "previous versions" and might never make it to the primary site. In most conflict scenarios like these, the primary site's change will apply and overwrite the replica site changes. The recommendation is to avoid working on same sets of files in primary and replica at the same time. 

  • File Locking is not enabled by default.
  • File Locking is not propagated between servers. So if a file is locked in one server and modified in another, the change can be still pushed into the server where it is locked. 
  • Team Folders are replicated ONLY if Team Folders are enabled in Admin settings both in primary and replica.   For more information on this, refer Team Folders

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