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Getting Started

Here are the main steps to getting started with FileCloud.

Make sure to read the introduction first.

Step 1: Install FileCloud Software (any one of the following options)

Step 2: Verify the FileCloud Install

  • Open the FileCloud Install page at http://<site>/install (typically and go through the BASIC and EXTENDED checks. 
    Note that
    some checks might fail, but you can resolve them later via the Admin Portal Settings.

Step 3: Login into the Admin Portal

  • Open the FileCloud Admin website at http://<site>/ui/admin/index.html 
  • Admin Username is admin, Admin Password is password

Step 4: Set the Managed Storage Path

Set the storage path where FileCloud stores its all its files. This only applies if you are using Local Storage.
If you are going to use OpenStack or Amazon S3, then you don't need to set this path
Set the Storage path where user's data is stored

Step 5: Install Provided License

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