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By default MongoDB in Windows runs as a process. If the user running the application logs out, the database process will exit. To prevent this, you can run the mongodb database as a service.

Install FileCloud

Before making MongoDB as a service, install FileCloud using the windows installer. By default FileCloud will be installed under C:\xampp. If you have manually installed FileCloud or installed FileCloud on a different path, update the paths accordingly in the next steps.

Make MongoDB run as Windows Service


Alternate Installation Method Step 1: Create MongoDB Config File

Update a file called mongodb.conf under C:\xampp\mongodb\bin, and use absolute paths for the locations of logpath and dbpath to be absolute paths.

It is important when running mongodb as a service that the dbpath and the logpath are provided as full paths instead of relative paths. ie c:\xampp\mongodb\bin\data

Mongodb configuration file

Here update values of logpath and dbpath if necessary.

Alternate Installation Method Step 2: Create MongoDB Service

To install MongoDB as a service, open a command prompt with administrator access (this is important), and run the following command.

Creating MongoDB Service

You can start the MongoDB service using the FileCloud Control Panel.
Now the service will start automatically on machine reboots.

Remove MongoDB Service

Removing MongoDB Service
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