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Installation on Windows (64-bit)

FileCloud runs on Microsoft Windows 64-bit systems.

  1. To install FileCloud natively, download the installer and start the install.

  2. You can only install File Cloud on the root of the hard drive, (the location can either be c:\xampp, or d:\xampp etc).

    After installation is complete, run the FileCloud Control Panel. The FileCloud Control Panel allows you to fully manage the FileCloud server.

  3. The FileCloud Control Panel in Windows

  4. Install the Cron Task by clicking on the "Install" link. This is 

  5. File Cloud requires Apache Webserver, Mongo DB and Cron Task to be running, Click on "Make Service" to install them as Windows process and then  start them by clicking on the "Start" buttons.


    If WebServer or Database don't start, then another process could be using those ports.
    To check which program is using that port, you can follow the instructions here.

  6.  After Webserver and Database are started successfully, launch the File Cloud installation wizard by clicking the "Install Check" link. At this point, basic FileCloud service is ready. However, additional components such as  Memcache, DocumentPreview, Content Search can be configured depending on your need

  7. Launch the Admin portal

  8. Follow the instructions in Post Installation to complete your cloud setup.
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