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The ability to limit the rate that Sync uploads and downloads files to reduce the impact on the network is available in FileCloud version 18.2 and later.

If you are running the FileCloud Sync app on a slow network, when Sync transfers files it can quickly use up the resources of the network.

    • You can limit Sync's upload and download rate to reduce the impact on your network and day to day operations.
      • Rates are specified in kilobytes (KB/s).
      • You can set a limit to be used whenever you are running Sync.
      • You can set a limit that is enforced only during a specific interval of time.
      • You can set a different rate limit for uploading files than you set for downloading.
  • If the available KB/s are less than the specified maximum, then file transfer will be limited to the available KB/s.

  • Sync maintains the file transfer limits even when there are multiple simultaneous uploads or downloads.

    For example,

    • If the default simultaneous uploads or downloads is 4 and you set a 400 KB/s rate limit

    • If 4 streams are active, then each is limited to 100 KB/s 

    • If only one stream is active then that stream will take up 400 KB/s

(lightbulb)  If you do not specify a rate limit or if it is set to -1, then Sync will use all of the available KB/s.

To set a rate limit for Sync:

  1. In your system tray, right-click on the Sync icon and choose Open.
  2. In the mini-dashboard, click Settings.
    The Settings window in the main dashboard opens.
  3. In the Settings window, in the Upload and Download Rate Limits section, click Change Settings.

    The Upload and Download Rate Limits window opens.
  4. Under Global Rate Limits, check Max Upload Speed or Max Download Speed and enter a number for KB/s.
  5. To set a limit that is enforced only during a specific time interval:
    1. Under Scheduled Rate Limits, check Max Upload Speed or Max Download Speed and enter a number for KB/s
    2. In the lower portion of the window:
      1. Leave Every Day checked, or check On a Specific Day and choose the day in the Select Day drop-down list.
      2. Leave the Start Time and Stop Time at 0 (to indicate all times) or enter times when the scheduled rate limits are effective.
        In the following example, maximum upload and download speeds have been set to 150 KB/s for Saturdays at 6 am to 9 pm only.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Restart Sync to apply your changes.

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