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Users can automatically receive notifications through email when files are added, updated, deleted, downloaded, previewed and locked. The notifications can be set at the global level and can be overridden at the user level.

How does File Change Notifications Work?

When multiple users have access to the same files and folders, any change made by a user to the file or folder will trigger email notifications to all users that have access to that file or folder. In FileCloud, multiple users can have access to the same file or folder when:-

  • Files from network storage are shared with different users.
  • Files from network storage are shared with different groups.
  • Folders from managed storage or network storage have been shared with other users.
  • Folders from managed storage or network storage have been shared with other groups.

All file change notifications are consolidated and emails are are sent by FileCloud at regular notification frequency (15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day etc) as set by your FileCloud administrator as part of the Cron Job Setting.

Currently notifications are sent for the following actions:

File is Uploaded
File is Downloaded
File or Folder is Locked
File or Folder is Deleted
File is modified
File is Previewed

All actions such as upload, download, lock, delete etc must be done through FileCloud Web Interface or one of the FileCloud clients such as Sync, Drive or Mobile UI. This applies for both My Files and Network Folders.

For network folders, when files changed directly on the LAN or network folders will not send any notifications as FileCloud does not have any knowledge of that actions.


  1. Cron Job must be setup. See Steps at Setting up Cron Job or Scheduled Task
  2. Email configuration must be done.

Enable or Disable File Change Notification

Once the cron jobs are properly setup as described in the previous sections, enable the file change notifications setting using the following steps

  1. Log on to FileCloud Administration Portal
  2. Click on Settings on left navigation panel
  3. Click on "Misc"
  4. Click on "Notifications" tab.
  5. Check "Enable File Change Notifications" checkbox

    In order for an user to receive notificationfor a specific action, notification must be enabled at all relevant levels as mentioned below that includes global level, policy level, share level, network folder level, file/folder level, NTFS, limited users (as applicable). In case, notification is disabled at any level for that user action, notification will be not be sent for the applicable users.


Customize Notification for User or Group (Policies)

Starting with 17.3, you can enable or disable notifications through policies. From admin UI, go to settings - Policies - Notifications. Notification settings can be set for a specific policy and that policy can be applied at group or user level. For additional information on policy management click here. For example, notificaitons can be enabled for all users through the global flag above. However, notification can be disabled for a specific user or group by defining a policy and disabling the notiifcation here.

Customize Notification (Share Level)


When a File or Folder is shared, the owner can allow or disallow FileChange notification for all users that have access to that Share. Notifications can be enabled or disabled by the user in the User Interface or the admin in the admin interface.


Customize Notification (Network Folder Level)

Admin can disable notifications for specific network folders. From the admin interface select a Network Folder. Disable notification can be checked to disable email notifications for that network folder.

Self notifications are not sent to users with access to Network Folders (only) that are not shared.

Customize Notification (File or Folder Level)

Users can selectively disable notification for a specific file or folder through the FileCloud User Interface. Only users can control this notification through the FileCloud User Interface using "share options"


Enabling File Change Notification for NTFS Folders

Go to cloudconfig.php file under the <PATH TO FileCloud WEBROOT>/config folder and add the following line.


Set Value "1" to allow notifications for NTFS. Set Value "0" (default) to disable notifications for NTFS Folders.

Enabling File Change Notification for Limited Users

From admin UI, go to settings - misc - notifications and ensure that the disable notifications for limited users is unchecked.

Limit the number of days after which File Change Notification are sent

From admin UI, go to settings - misc - notifications and set Number of Days After Which Notifications Are Not Sent.

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