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The ability to re-share and also manage subsequent shares that have been created from your original share is available in FileCloud version 18.2

When you share a folder privately, by default, users have permission to view and download the folder. You can add additional permissions for each user.

On the Share LInk dialog box, in the Sharing Permissions section, if you choose Allow selected users or groups you can choose from several permissions options:

The following table includes definitions of each permission.



Allow View

Every user with access to the share has view access. 
View access allows users to view or browse files in the folder.

You cannot remove view access.

Allow DownloadDownload permission allows a user to save a file in the folder to their desktop or client.
Allow UploadUpload permission allows the user to:
  • Add a file to the shared folder
  • Delete folders inside the shared folder
  • Modify files inside the shared folder
  • Create new folders inside the shared folder
Allow Share

Share permission allows the user to share the folder contents again with other users.

If you enable Share permission, Download, Upload and Delete permissions are automatically enabled; however, you can removed Delete permission.

Allow Sync

Sync permission allows users to synchronize the contents of the shares using their FileCloud Sync app.

If you enable Sync permission, Download, Upload and Delete permissions are automatically enabled; however, you can remove Delete permission.

Note: This option is not available for Network Shares.

Allow DeleteDelete permission allows users to delete a file from the folder.
If you enable Delete permission, Upload permission is automatically also enabled, but Upload permission can then be removed.
  • Files can be deleted only when upload access is set on the folder.
  • Folders can be given upload permission but not delete permission.
Allow Manage

Manage permission allows users to manage shares created by other users from this share, including removing permissions and users from the share.

If you enable Manage permission, all other permissions are automatically enabled, but Delete permission can then be removed.

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