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Normally, network folders are synced offline using a scheduled time (every 30 minutes, 1 hour etc).

Starting with FileCloud 9.0, it is possible to sync network folders using a more faster and efficient mechanism similar to the efficiency seen with "My Files". This is referred to as realtime syncing.

  • Realtime syncing of Smart Mounted Network Folders is not supported.
  • Setup Automatic realtime syncing only for folders with 100,000 files or less.
  • Currently it is not possible to do realtime indexing with filecloud server on Linux and helper on Windows

 Server configuration for Real time Sync

Follow instructions to enable indexing of Network Folders.


Sync app configuration for realtime sync

  1. Right click the sync app, select "more options" and select "other settings".
  2. In the "Network Folders" tab, add a new network folder and select the schedule  as "Automatically"

  3. Save the network folder. It should start syncing automatically on local changes as well get remote server changes as quickly as possible.
    Note that when using Automatic sync option, "Remote Delete" option is enabled automatically and cannot be disabled.

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