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  • Run Server Sync on Windows Startup
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You can configure ServerSync to run at Windows start-up by creating a shortcut to the application and making a few Registry changes.

(warning)  These steps are required since Server Sync requires Admin privileges to be run. 

To configure ServerSync to start automatically:

  1. On the server where ServerSync is installed, create a shortcut to the application, with the following option selected: Run this program as an administrator.
  2. To make the necessary Registry changes, unzip the following file to any location:
  3. Copy  the StartServerSync.bat  file to the following folder: C:\Program Files\FileCloudServerSync
  4. Copy the FSSync file to the following folder:C:\Program Files\FileCloudServerSync
  5. To make an entry in Windows Registry, double-click the following file: StartServerSyncBat.reg

This registry entry allows the StartServerSync.bat  file to be run at system start-up.

The batch file in turn executes the Server Sync application with Admin privileges.

On each system startup, Server Sync will now run automatically.

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