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You can use the Direct Link option to copy a link to an item and send it to others who already have share access to it. That means they must already have permission to access the item. 

The Direct Link option works only with items in the following folders:

  • Shared with me
  • Team Folders

After clicking the share link, the user must log in to FileCloud Server, and is then taken directly to the selected folder or file.

To share a file by creating a direct link:

  1. Launch FileCloud Drive by right-clicking on the icon in your system tray and choosing Open Folder.
    A File Explorer window opens, displaying the contents of your mapped drive.
  2. Open a Team Folder or Shared with Me folder, right-click the item you want to share, and then select Copy Direct FileCloud Drive Link.

    The link is copied to the clipboard and if alerts are enabled, the following alert appears:

  3. Paste the link and send it to a user.

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