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FileCloud also supports storing user data into a OpenStack storage server. OpenStack Swift is a high available,  scalable and distributed storage and such a storage backend can be used with FileCloud now.

Enabling OpenStack Storage

To enable OpenStack storage as the backend, edit the file "WWWROOT/config/cloudconfig.php" and change the line


to read as




Do not change this once the installation is setup and data is already stored. This should only be setup for fresh installs.
When changing the storage type from local to openstack, the file(s)/folder(s) that have been already stored in the local storage will not be automatically moved to OpenStack storage.
In this case, adminstrator has to manually export file(s)/folder(s) from local storage before changing storage type and manually import them after changing storage type.
Be very careful when changing the storage path, If done improperly it could lead to data loss. 

Managed OpenStack Storage

In this type of managed cloud storage, user files are stored on a OpenStack storage server, that can accessed by FileCloud server. 

The following steps should be followed to setup the Managed Storage

  1. Log into the Administration portal
  2. Click on "Settings" on the left hand navigation panel
  3. Click on "Storage" tab and enter the appropriate information
  4. Click Save
Openstack Server NameHostname or the IP address of the OpenStack Swift Server.
Openstack Server PortTCP/IP port of the OpenStack Swift storage service.
Openstack UserUser name to access the Swift account.
Openstack PasswordPassword to access the Swift account. This user/password will be used to retrieve authentication token for all storage related operations.
ButtonClick the button to check if the FileCloud server is able to connect to the OpenStack server using the above parameters.
Rest of the parameters are same as in Managed Disk Storage. Look here for details.




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