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Administrators should be able to control certain aspects of shares created by their users. Please look at the following topics to see various share related control options available for admins:

Default Share Type

The type of share created when user shares a file or folder. This will be the default share type that can be changed by the user.

  1. Public Share
  2. Private Share
  3. Password Protected Share
Shares Expires in DaysSee Set Global Expiration for Public Shares topic
Remove Expired SharesExpires shares will be removed automatically (using Cron operation). The files will not be affected
Public shares must be password protectedPublic shares will be created with passwords enabled by default and passwords cannot be disabled.
Disallow Share Name ChangeOption to disallow users to change the auto generated share name
Hide Send Share Link Via EmailOption to email link via the Share dialog will not be shown to the user
Max Share Upload SizeDefault upload size limit for a shared folder. Can be overriden in folder share settings. Value of 0 indicates that there is no limit.
Send Email Notifications for Expiring SharesNotification will be sent for shares that are about to expire.
Email Notifications Sent in DaysThe exact number of days before the share expiration date when a notification email will be sent.

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