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You can share a file so that anyone can access the file even if they don't have a FileCloud account.

  • If you want more security but still want a large number of people to access the file, you can enable password protection.
  • For additional security, and if you only want a small number of people to access the file, you can choose to share the file privately. 

When you share a file:

  • A Share Link window opens to provide the link.
  • By default the file can be accessed by external users.
  • You can click Advanced to set sharing restrictions.
  • You can edit and send an email inviting new or existing users to access the file.

What do you want to do?

  Learn how to combine the options

Read more about Public Share Options for Files

Share Files Publicly No FileCloud account required.

This allows you to share a file with someone even if they do not have a FileCloud account.

Share Files Publicly with Everyone

Share Files Publicly with a Password

Share Files Publicly with an Expiration Date

Configure Document Preview

  Set Preview Options for Public Shares

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