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Icon Overlays

FileCloud Sync app on Windows shows overlays over each file indicating the sync status of the file.

Overlay will be shown for all files and folders inside MyFiles, Network Shares and Shared with Me.

See example below:

The following icon overlays are currently supported.

No IconFile or Folder is new and has not been synced to the sync server

File or Folder has been synced OK to server and is up to date

File has been modified and has not yet been synced to the server

File is in conflict because changes have been made in both server and local. It needs to be resolved by the user.

File is in lock state and owner has to release for any updates.


Windows Explorer Right Click Menu Extension

FileCloud Sync app also integrates with Windows Explorer to offer some easy contextual options on files and folder.

For Files and Folders outside the FileCloud Sync Folder

When you right click on a file or folder outside the FileCloud Sync folder a "Move To FileCloud" option is presented. If clicked, the file or folder is copied into the "My Files" sync folder and then synced to the remote filecloud server automatically.

For Files and Folders inside the FileCloud Sync Folder

When you right click on a file or folder inside the FileCloud Sync folder two additional options are presented. 

Share FileCloud LinkSelecting a file or folder and choosing this option will create a share for this file or folder on the filecloud server and provide you with a URL to share with. The URL will be copied directly to the clipboard and will be ready for pasting.
View in FileCloud WebsiteSelecting a file or folder and choosing this option will open the web browser and browse to that folder location to allow easy operations via the web browser.
Lock Folder/FileLocks a Folder or File so that no others can modify the files when you are editing them. Useful when multiple people are working on the same set of files or folders.
Unlock Folder/FileUnlocks a Folder or File so that others can modify them.


Mac OSX Finder Right Click Extension

To get right-click sharing options with FileCloud Sync on Mac OSX, you would need to install a workflow file. Find below the instructions to install the right click action.

  1. Download the file from the provided link (
  2. Unzip the zip file and copy over the  "Share via FileCloud.workflow" file over to the user services directory. This directory is under ~/Library/Services. Or something like (/Users/<username>/Library/Services)
  3. In Finder, right click on a file or folder inside the Sync Folder and you will see an option "Share Via FileCloud"
  4. Click on that link
  5. After a few moments a confirmation notification will appear and the share link is copied to your clipboard ready for pasting.
  6. You can paste the link wherever you need.


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