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The ability for an administrator to be notified by email if a new update or upgrade can be installed is available in FileCloud Server version 18.2 and later.

Administrators must keep FileCloud Server up-to-date with the latest version to take advantage of the new features, enhancements, and fixes for issues found in previous versions.

How do I know if an upgrade is available?

  • CodeLathe will always inform customers when a new upgrade is available.
  • When you log on to the Admin Portal, the Admin Dashboard will also alert you to the fact that you can install an update.
  • You can configure FileCloud to run a weekly version check and send email to the admin email account about the new release. This option can be enabled or disabled. To enable this, add the following expression to the config file and set the value to "true": 

 Where is the notification on the Admin Dashboard?

The Version section is right next to the License section on the Dashboard.

 How do I enable the weekly email?

To check for updates on a weekly basis:

  1. Open a browser and log in to the Admin Portal.
  2. From the left navigation panel, click Settings.
  3. On the Manage Settings screen, select the Admin tab.
  4. Scroll down until you see the Check For Updates checkbox.
  5. Select the checkbox and then click Save.

(lightbulb) To stop receiving the weekly email, just clear this checkbox.

ReleaseUpgrade ScenariosUpgrade NotesRelease Notes

Upgrading from ANY VERSION to 19.1

  • New Message Queue System is a REQUIRED service that needs to be running for FileCloud to be functional from 19.1 onwards
  • Please ensure the Message Queue Service is running after upgrade before opening up for live access
  • You CANNOT upgrade Windows and Linux using the Admin Portal.

Upgrading from 18.1 to 18.2

  • There are no operating system or software update requirements
  • You can upgrade Windows and Linux FileCloud instances using the Admin Portal

Upgrading from 17.3 or older to 18.2

  • A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations

For all versions before 18.1:

  • A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations

Backup FileCloud Before Upgrading 

There are various ways you can complete an update:

For releases that DO NOT require a full system upgrade:

Upgrade using Admin Portal

For releases that DO require a full system upgrade:

WINDOWS: Update Tool

LINUX: Upgrade Script

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