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If you are using Linux or if you are upgrading just the FileCloud application, you can upgrade your installation using the steps below.

Upgrade Steps

  1. Login into the admin UI. Click Upgrade at the bottom of the navigation panel.

    If there are no new updates available, the Manage Upgrade window appears as:

    If there is an upgrade available, the Manage Upgrade window appears as:

  2. If there is an upgrade available, click Start Upgrade
    The following window opens:

  3. Click OK.
    The upgrade process begins. When it is complete, messages similar to the following appear on the Manage Upgrade page.

  4. In the navigation bar, click Installation Checks directly above the Upgrade link and make sure that the installation is free of errors.
  5. Refresh the browser UI (Ctrl + F5) to get the latest updated User Interface.

Updating Systems That Cannot Connect Outside

If your FileCloud server cannot connect to our update server to download the packages directly, you can download the to a local folder and update your installation using the local path.

Open the WWWROOT\config\cloudconfig.php file and edit the following entry for example, if the zip folder is located in c:\users\administrator\Downloads folder, then simply do the following:


Updating CentOS Systems 

In CentOS, live admin UI upgrade is not possible due to OS security restrictions. However, the update zip can be downloaded and then upgraded.
Before the upgrade, make sure to disable SELinux. Download the upgrade zip file and assign rwx permissions to the file and its parent folder. For example, if your zip path is /opt/fcupgrade/, then do the following:

CentOS Permissions
cd /opt
chmod 777 fcupgrade
chmod 777

Then open the WWWROOT\config\cloudconfig.php file and update the value of the following entry with your zip file location.


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