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Upgrading FileCloud in Linux (Ubuntu/Centos/Debian)

This is an Automatic updater which will install and update all the needed components like PHP and are intended to work with latest version no additional components needed to be installed or upgraded separately.

If the FileCloud Instance doesn't have access to Internet, we recommend you to contact our support team to assist for an upgrade to v18.1

The below steps are designed for a FileCloud Upgrade when the Server has external Internet access.

Upgrade to FileCloud v18.1 with this method is fully compactible with Ubuntu/Debian/Centos Servers.

We have tested the v18.1 in the following versions:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Centos 7.4
  • Debian8(Jessie)

We recommend taking a snapshot of the server before making an upgrade to your current instance.

FileCloud running on Ubuntu 14.04 or older

If your FileCloud Instance is running on Ubuntu 14.04 or Older versions you will need to do the following steps to upgrade it to v18.1

  • Install a new FileCloud v18.1 Instance on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Migrate the Database and the Manage Storage path to the freshly installed FileCloud Instance.

If you need any help in migrations, please send us an email to

The commands should be executed as root permissions.

For upgrading the current version for FileCloud to v18.1, you will need to run the following commands 

Steps for upgrade

 wget && bash

  • Click on Proceed to start the Upgrade Process

  • Accept the TOS and Privacy Policy

After these steps, the upgrade process will commence with series of commands and GUI's.

Once the upgrade is completed, you will see the below message.

Upgrade Tips

  • If the upgrade process gets interrupted in between, you will be able to find the logs at /var/log/filecloud-liu.log(If you sent us the logs we will verify what has happened and will help you)
  • If you have any configurations like SSO, Multi AD, etc., The upgrade will overwrite the settings, but you will be able to retrieve those configurations from the webroot backup available at /var/www/html_(date-when-the-script-ran)
  • If the server has LibreOffice configured, it will upgrade the older version of LibreOffice to no LibreOffice it will be ignored).

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