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Once an user account is created, it can be assigned different access levels.

There are four different access levels for an user account.

Admin AccessComplete control over the FileCloud Server system

This account will be used to manage the FileCloud server instance.

The default admin user account is 'admin'.

Other users can be marked as 'admins' and given limited set of permissions.

Read more about Multiple Admins

Full Access

Control over its own private cloud storage space in My Files

These user accounts can:

  • store files in their own private cloud storage space
  • view and download files stored in their storage space
  • view and download files shared with them by other users
Guest AccessRestricted access to the FileCloud system

These user accounts:

  • Do not have a private cloud storage
  • Can only view/upload/download files shared to them by other user accounts
  • Can re-share content if they have permissions
Limited AccessAccess to FileCloud only through a Web browser

These user accounts:

  • Can only view/upload/download to content shared with them
  • Do not count towards the user license limit  
  • Cannot be authenticated via AD and can only be local user account
  • Linked email accounts are external cannot use the same domain as the FileCloud URL
  • Can't be added directly to network shares via the Admin Portal
  • Can access content from network folders if they are shared

  • Both Full and Guest users accounts are counted towards user accounts specified in the license.
  • Limited Access account are NOT counted towards the license

User Types Comparison

User Access Feature
Full Access
Guest Access
Limited Access
LicenseCounted Towards LicenseCounted towards LicenseFREE, Not Counted Towards License
Web UI Access


Fully functional


Not all functions available
Not all Functions Available  
View shared filesPermittedPermittedPermitted
View Network SharesPermittedPermittedOnly via shares created by users
AuthenticationLocal / ActiveDirectoryLocal / ActiveDirectoryLocal Only
Mobile App Access


Fully functional


Not all functions available
Not Available
Personal storage in FileCloudAvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Share files with other users


PermittedNot Available
Access storage using Cloud DrivePermittedPermittedNot Available
Sync storage using Cloud SyncPermittedPermittedNot Available
SSO LoginPermittedPermittedNot Available
Group MembershipCan be member of any groupCan be member of any groupNot Available
Two factor authenticationPermittedPermittedNot Available
Admin AccountCan be Admin AccountCan be Admin AccountCannot be an Admin Account
Team FoldersPermittedPermittedOnly via shares created by users
Automation AppPermittedPermittedNot Available
File and Folder CommentsPermittedPermittedNot Available

Checking User Access Level

The access level of any user account can be checked by the Administrator using the Administration Portal.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Log on to Administration Portal
  2. Click on "Manage Users" on the left hand navigation menu
  3. In the "Filter Users", Enter the name or the email of user
  4. The Access for the user will be listed in the "Status" column.


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