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Mobile users can access FileCloud Server with the FileCloud iOS app.

Updates made to the iOS app to include new features and fixes are listed below.

DateVersion Updates 
June 19, 2019 19.1.05
  •  Improve PDF viewing stability

June 11, 2019

  • New PDF framework to improve rendering and stability (optional)
May 11, 201919.1.03
  •  Improved stability when uploading images
May 2, 201919.1.02
  •  Updated localizations
  • Improve image slide show UI's readability
  • Fix crash when failing to rename a file or folder
April 24, 201919.1.01
  •  Improved stability for SSO users
Apr 21, 201919.1.00
  • New look and feel
  • Updated Queue screen and improved stability when uploading and downloading files
  • General file preview screen now uses new WebKit web view to fix crashes with complex documents
  • New + top button to quickly add items to a folder including directly taking a picture
  • Refactored Sync starts process before reading all remote paths
  • New image loading library
  • New improved image slideshow with additional available File Actions, image placeholders
  • New "filecloud:" app URL scheme allows launching the app from Safari and other 3rd party apps
  • Support to open shared links in the app from Safari
  • New Save to FileCloud extension with unified UI, existing files view, new network layer for improved uploads and raised the maximum number of upload items to a 1000
April 3, 201918.3.08
  •  Improved PDF compatibility
March 30, 201918.3.07
  •  Support to remove items from Favorites
March 23, 201918.3.06
  •  Stability improvements
March 12, 201918.3.05
  • Fix support for password protected Office and PDF files
  • Enable in-place editing for "This Device" files
  • Minor "This Device" browsing bug fixes
March 3, 201918.3.04
  • Fix previewing offline files
  • Stability improvements when viewing PDF files
  • Minor UI fixes
February 27, 201918.3.03
  • Stability improvements when viewing PDF files and uploading or syncing images with corrupt or missing metadata
February 21, 201918.3.02
  • Stability improvements when viewing PDF files and browsing the device's Camera Roll
February 16, 201918.3.01
  • Stability improvements when previewing PDF files
February 9, 201918.3.00
  • Reworked upload and download algorithms
  • Streamlined SSO authentication
  • New "enforce_authentication" MDM app configuration key
  • Recent and Favorites sections are now available in the Files app
  • Stability improvements
December 6, 201818.2.11
  • Updated localizations
  • Security and stability improvements
November 30, 201818.2.10
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) support
  • Built-in document scanning support
  • Improved remote file search now shows recent search terms and an unlimited number of paged results
  • Compatibility with the new iPad Pro models
  • Open With fixes for some iPads
November 14, 201818.2.04
  • Improved stability
November 6, 201818.2.03
  • Improve "Open With..." in-place editing compatibility
October 31, 201818.2.02
  • Fix "Open With..." for files with special characters
  • Stability improvements
October 24, 201818.2.01
  • Fix possible "Open With..." crash
  • Updated translations
October 16, 201818.2.00
  • iOS 12 support
  • In-place editing support for Office and other productivity files (iOS 11+)
  • New file creation support in Office and other productivity apps saved directly to FileCloud Server (iOS 11+)
  • Native integration with the Files app (iOS 11+)
  • Advanced iPad multitasking and drag-and-drop support to/from 3rd party apps (iOS 11+)
  • Single Sign On (SSO) authentication support
  • New upload option allows choosing files from the (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.) as well as from other apps that host files
  • New option to View in Safari for files and folders
  • View your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Help documentation without leaving the app
  • Improved move/copy file destination dialogs now show folder's existing files
  • Bug fix for issues seen when downloading/synchronizing "Team Folders"' contents
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