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Starting with version 14.0, FileCloud supports extensive and powerful reporting features. The dashboard on the FileCloud admin user interface displays a number of important reports in a stunning graphical format. Reporting Module also supports creating custom reports and downloading the data in a csv format.

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Geo IP Report

The geo ip report provides the total number of requests received from a geo-location. The geo ip report is displayed on an interactive world map in the admin interface dashboard. The countries that had any activities in the last 10 days are shown in blue color. The red points on the map indicate the cities. Moving the mouse over on the cities or country display the total number of visits from that particular location in the last 10 days.


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GeoIP report is not enabled by default. To enable GeoIP report go to Admin UI - Settings - Admin Tab.

Show Geo IP Report

TRUE - Show the Geo IP Map with data
FALSE - Hide the Geo IP Map from the dashboard
DEFAULT - Show the Geo IP Map with no data.

Geo IP Server URL

Server URL that converts the IP address to Geo Location Data.
Default URL:

To point this URL to a different location contact FileCloud support.

Geo IP Update frequency in Hours

The Frequency with which the GeoIP data is retrieved from the server.
Default : 24. 


Activity Report

The activity report is part of the system summary on the admin dashboard. The activity report indicates the total requests received in the last 1 week, 1 month and 6 months. The weekly report displays the total requests received each hour. The 1-month and 6-month report displays the total requests received each day.


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In addition to acitivity report, the system summary also displays the Quota Usage, Disk Usage, License Usage and Setup CheckList as seen in the above image.

File Type Distribution

The File type distribution report displays the percentage of files that are stored in the FileCloud by file type extensions such as .PDF, .DOCX etc.

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User File Distribution

The user file distribution report displays the total number of files that are stored in FileCloud by specific users in percentage.


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Top Quota Usage

The top quota usage report displays the top 10 users who have used the maximum disk quota. The report also gives the total files and the maximum quota assigned for the user.

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Client Device Distribution by OS

The client device distribution graph displays the total number of devices that are used to connect to FileCloud distributed by OS type such as Windows, iOS, Android etc.

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Customize and Download Reports

The reporting module enable admins to customize the report and download the data. The admins can use the reports menu item in the left menu of admin interface. To access reports menu, the admin must be a master admin or the admin user must have access to reporting module. Access to reporting module can be given under Admins menu item in the left menu.

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