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You can add a link to an image or file that is external to


a channel to


its wiki.

  1. Open the wiki editor.
  2. In the center panel, click in the text editor in the location where you want to insert the link.
  3. To add a link to the text, click the link icon in the toolbar in the center panel.Image Removed
  4. If you choose Choose External URL, a .
    Image Added
    The following link placeholder appears .in the text editor:
  5. Overwrite the format My Link with the text for your link and the link address as shown in the image above.
  6. Click Local Wiki File, to open a dialog box that enables you to link to a file from the left panel.
  7. Select a file.
    A link placeholder appears. Change the text for the link. The correct link address is inserted for you.
    Note: If you choose an image using Local Wiki File, a .
  8. Overwrite with your full link address including https:// or http://
    The link placeholder and preview of the link appear as follows:
    Image Added


    If you enter the link of an image file, in the wiki the link to the image, not the actual image



    is inserted