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In a normal usage scenario, we expect FileCloud + AWS Infrastructure  will cost $60/user/year compared to $240/user/year for Dropbox or In addition, with FileCloud you have complete control over the app, branding, domain naming and access permissions. Using FileCloud + AWS, one can approximately save over $18,000 (assumption 100 users) when compared to Dropbox for business or

Steps to Launch FileCloud AMI on GovCloud

  1. Login to your aws govcloud admin console using your account, username and password 


  1. The user name for the underlying Ubuntu OS is 'ubuntu'. Before launching the instance you will be required to create a key pair or you can use your existing key pair.
  2. If you go to 'http://<public_dns_name>/install' , the page will show all the installed packages in this instance. Check the page and familiarize yourself with FileCloud components. Before going production move the install folder (/var/www/html/install) to somewhere else.
  3. We recommend you to use S3 for file storage instead of the EBS. Please check this page (Setting up FileCloud Managed S3 Storage) to know how to setup S3 for FileCloud file storage.
  4. Take Periodic snapshots of your running instance for Disaster recovery and as an additional backup for FileCloud database and app.


What is AWS GovCloud (US?