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The Adding Actions video on the page Files, Actions, and Wiki shows you how to add an action and assign a user and due date.

This page shows you how to perform additional functions related to actions.

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Files, Actions, and Wiki
Files, Actions, and Wiki

When someone creates an action in an AirSend channel and assigns it to you, you will receive an email such as:
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Inside the email is a message telling you which channel the task has been created in and a link to the channel view showing the task.
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To view the action

  1. If you are reading an email that has informed you about a new action, click View Action.
    The channel opens in AirSend, and the Actions tab of the right panel is selected.
    If you are already in AirSend, open the channel and click the Actions tab in the right panel.
    The tab displays All actions. These are all actions assigned (or not assigned) to any member of the channel.

    To view actions that are assigned to you, click My actions.

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    Actions are color coded by status:
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    Below the name of each actions is the member who created it,
    and when it is due or how long it has been overdue.

  2. To view details about an action, click the down arrow.
    Now you can see who it is assigned to (in the My Actions list, this will always be you), and the exact time it is due. The drop-down list shows the status, which in the case of the following example, is Pending
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  1. new action is listed and shows any details, such as the assignees, below it.
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    If an action has been assigned a due date, and the date is overdue, a red dot with an overdue notice appears below the action.

To add a subtask

  1. In the Action tab, hover over the action and click the Subtask icon.
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  2. In the text box that opens, add a name for the subtask.
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    The subtask is added.
  3. Hover over it, you will see the options for assigning a user or a date or performing other actions on it.

To complete an action

  1. Open the channel in AirSend, and click the Actions tab in the right panel.
  2. Click the check box next to the action that you want to mark complete.


    You cannot complete an action until you mark all of its subactions as complete.

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    The action disappears, but can be viewed with other completed actions (see below).

To view completed actions

To view actions that have been checked as completed, click the check icon across from the Search actions box.
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Click it again to view only incomplete actions.

To move an action to another channel

You can move an action to another channel, but only if users assigned to the action are also members of that channel. The following video shows you how.


To edit an action

  1. Open the channel in AirSend, and click the Actions tab in the right panel.
  2. Expand the action.
  3. Click the drop-down list and choose Completed.
    The dot next to the action title turns green. 
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    A changed action notification is sent to each channel member's AirSend account. In addition, an email is sent to each member notifying them of the change.
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    Click the three dots to the right of the action that you want to edit, and choose Edit Details.
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    The Action details dialog box opens to the Details tab.
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  4. On the Details tab, make any changes and click Save.
  5. Click the Activity tab to view the action history:
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To delete an action

  1. Open the channel in AirSend, and click the Actions tab in the right panel.Expand the action.
  2. Click the three dots to the right of drop-down listthe action.
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  3. Click Delete.
    The action disappears from the Actions tab.