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Recent Access Locations

The Recent Access Locations report (also referred to as the Geo IP report) provides the total number of requests received from a geographical location. The report is displayed on an interactive world map in the admin interface Admin dashboard. The countries that had any activities in the last 10 days are shown in blue color. The red points on the map indicate the cities. Moving the mouse over on the cities or country display displays the total number of visits from that particular location in the last 10 days.

To refresh the report, in the upper-right corner of the Statistics widget, click refresh, ; then in the upper-right corner of the Recent Access Locations widget, click Refresh.

The Recent Access Location report is not enabled by default. To enable Recent enable the Recent Access Location report go to Admin UI > Settings > Admin tab, where it is referred to as the Geo IP report.

Show Geo IP Report

TRUE - Show the Geo IP Map with data
FALSE - Hide the Geo IP Map from the dashboard
DEFAULT - Show the Geo IP Map with no data.

Geo IP Server URL

Server URL that converts the IP address to Geo Location Data.
Default URL:

To point this URL to a different location contact FileCloud support.

Geo IP Update frequency in Hours

The Frequency with which the GeoIP data is retrieved from the server.
Default : 24. 

NOTE: The Recent Access Location (GeoIP) map and report displays with proper data only when CRON job is set up and running and the access IP address recorded in audit are external IP.