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Propagating changes

Once changes to the metadata set definition are saved the background process runs, which propagates changes made to the set definition to metadata_values collection that stores user provided attribute values. This is done to keep both collections in-sync and to increase performance for end-user metadata actions. Metadata info properties (name, description, status) are updated, permissions are omitted as they're not used in the metadata_values collection and the main task is to keep attributes in sync. There are three main use cases that are served by the task:

  1. New attribute is added - attribute definition is added to each associated metadata_values document. Default value provided for this attribute is used.
  2. Existing attribute is changed - attribute definitions is updated for each associated metadata_values document. Existing values remain untouched even when default value was updated (the new value will be used for newly associated file objects but not for existing records).
  3. Attribute was deleted - attribute definition is removed for all associated file objects. Values are removed accordingly. This operation cannot be reverted so all values for this attribute will be lost.